I hate this pain inside of me.

This pain deep inside of me.

Like fire it eats away at me.

Turning my soul away from me.

It's like the world spins around me.

Like the graveyard found around me.

Like I'm six feet under without a cause, or head stone to mark me.

Like the world is working against me.

Like something was stripped away from me.

It wasn't right the way I played myself to say that they care.

The way they stare at me like I wasn't there.

The way they mock me, laughing constantly at my pain.

Because to them this is all a game.

The words they say, how they play me this way, taking away my humanity constantly in this way.

The way they all speak in darkness luring their prey within the dark that way.

Like they where nothing.

Like I was nothing.

And nothing is all they will allow me to be.

Masked by their lies.

And masked by their hate.

This pain inside is all they allow me to concentrate.

Beg me to forgive.

Ask me to forget.

Lie to me faithfully.

And say you wont regret.

The things you did to me.

And what you put me through.

You say it's all a game.

Like I am just like you.

You lure to avoid.

The pain that's bothering you.

Because the real pain is what you put me through.

Torture me with your thoughts.

And control me with your mind.

Manipulate me like I was your kind.

Tell me all you have.

Pour out your entire mind.

But say to me that I am nothing.

Nothing of your kind.

Nothing more then a place to come to in the dark.

Like I was the darkness.

Like I was the nothingness.

You left me in the graveyard.

Forgetting me once again.

This pain inside I fear burns me alive.

Embers growing paining me like the nothing.

That you tell me to be.

Sickening me with you mind.

And longing to go.

To free myself from what you force me to know.

When will you give in and let me free.

Free myself from this life that you have created for me.

But the nothingness is all I know.

The only fact that will allow me to painlessly go.

Because for you I still walk aimlessly.

So very, very aimlessly.

The way you portray me.

The way to betray me.

The way you display me.

Like I was nothing to you.

It only causes the pain inside

To so bitterly burn me so very much alive.

And because of this loneliness.

This so very dark loneliness.

This so very painful loneliness.

In this so very bitter loneliness.

They all turn on me.

Leaving me.

Forgetting me.

Going on with their lies.

Watching me as their lives die.

But still you all betray me.

Open your hearts, and pain me.

Pour out your gilt, and frame me.

For what I never knew.

I hate this pain inside of me.

This burning pain inside of me.

This hated pain inside of me.

Is all you ever knew.