"The Epitome of Love Poetry"

I know that sometimes

I confuse the hell out

of you – and you don't

know what to say to

make me happy. You

don't know what the

words, "I love you so much"

can do for me. Your arms

wrapped around me gives

me so much more than

anyone else. What I feel

for you cannot even come

close to comparing to the

way I feel about anyone

else in my life. When

I'm sad like I am now

and can't give you a

reason, you're the only

one who can even come

close to making me

feel better. Usually you

wipe away all traces

of sadness that I had.

I can't find the words

to express my gratitude,

my never-ending love,

my happiness when I'm

with you. The emotions that

fill me are unfathomable.

You're so much a part

of me that if you were

to leave, I would no

longer be complete.

You make me whole,

you are truly my

better half and you are

my life. Seeing you smile

at me from across a

room and give me a

small wave is enough

to give me chills. When

the phone rings and I

know you're supposed to

call, my heart still

jumps. Every slow dance

still seems to be in slow

motion – while the skin

of my forehead touches

the skin of your jaw

and the dance floor

slowly revolves around us.