By: Dressed to Kill

It was a dark stormy night. The wind felt ice cold. Tonight did not feel right, but orders were orders. We were sent to investigate this crime scene on this mountain nearby town. We were lucky we were going to be able to use the helicopter or it would of been a pain in the ass to drive up there. We were all suited up with handguns, body armor, and grenades just in case. We also had three M4A1s in the copter just in case. My squad and I both didn't feel well going up to this mountain, in which we never hears of anyone going up there or living up there,but we knew we had to.

It was slightly foggy going up the mountain in the helicopter and it was giving us all the chills. The squad was made up of five people; Ryan, Robert, Mike, Lucy, and Lily.

Ryan: Computer Technician, Electronics Expert.

Robert: Captain (me), Fire Arms Expert, Tactician.

Mike: Fire Arms Expert, Pyro Technician.

Lucy: Scouter, Field Scientist.

Lily: Break Into Specialist, Lockpicking, Stealing.

I felt confident in my crew it was just this damn gut feeling in me that didn't. We were close to the landing site that was about half a mile away from the investigation site. We knew the drill. Lucy was to scout the way and I was supposed to back her up and follow her at a short distance. Once we gave the okay to the rest of the squad they were to bring up the rear. We were to do this to the site. We were so close now we could see the place of investigation from above in the air. There was indeed a problem. There was a camp fire burning and no sign of movement. We could make the faint sight of two bodies on the ground. Then I wondered if they contacteed us on accident or not? I remebered the brief message the man said, "There ar...Ahhh...zzzzzzzzzz We a...zzzz..Ahhhzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!" It was so broken out we couldn't here the message. "I think they might of been killed by something!" said Mike. "No shit, Mike" said Lily. "Calm down people." I exclaimed. "We need to keep closeeye out for any movement and keep your guard up when we go out there. Also change of plans on exiting the copter. Lucy and I will go together to scout and I'll be bringing a M4A1. Once we give the signal Ryan and Lily will go and follow us and also Lily will be carrying a machine gun. Then Mike you should follow close behind them with a M4A1. If any of you see any sign of movement or you feel something fishy alert me. Do you all know what to do?" "Yes, sir!" Everyone yelled.

We and I ran a couple of yards and looked around. Nothing. We waved to the others and they ran for us. Lucy and I ran a litttle ways and then we waited a till the others joined us. I pointed to Ryan and Lily and then pointed to t he left. Then I pointed to Mike and then at the middle. Lastly I pointed to myself and to Lucy then towards the right. They all nodded. My fingers at three, then two, and one. We all ran as silently as possible. We were really close to the site. In the distance I could see flames and smoke. We all had our guns ready to kill on sight. Finally, we reached the camping site. We were right the bodies were indeed dead. We looked around to try to fing a clue and then we found foot prints and blood leading out of the site. I pointed to Lily, Mike, and Ryan and then motioned them to stay. They nodded. Then I look at lucy and motioned her to follow me. We ran into the forest by following the footsteps. They came to a stop at a tree and then begun again on the other side. We noticed claw marks on the tree along with blood. We looked terrified at each other. We ran back to the site to tell the others. When we reached no one was there. "Oh God!" Lucy was pointing at the ground near a body. There was a gun with our squad's logo on there...