Cure Me


There is a question that has plagued the great minds of the world.
How does one know they are in love?
Are there physical symptoms?
Is there a change in the psyche of a person I love?
My question is, "Can it be cured?"
How does one know when they are no longer in love?
I find myself more perplexed how it can be cured.
The state of "in love" is no longer benefiting my health.
In fact it could be hindering any further growth.
But would the cure be a repellant or apply as necessary?
How does one then find themselves in love again?
Is that in essence the cure for love?
To fall in love anew and start over?
Would the new love erase the potency of the first love?
So the state of being in love is neither a disease nor a virus.
Love is a gift that comes with prices.
To be in it requires the risk of living without it.
Are there specialists that can speed me to recovery?
Where can I sign up for group therapy?
Who sells the patch to cure this matter of the heart?
Or is this an obsession that dwells in my mind?
Will I ever be free from the thoughts?
There is a question that has plagued me for quite some time.
How does one reverse the effects of love?