Darkness surrounds my every thought

Ensnares my senses

Blackens my mind

Light so far away

I can no longer see it

Feel its warmth upon me

Deep inside a heart

Cold and hardened by time

You've shown me what it's like

To breathe again

Maybe time can freeze a heart

And turn a soul withered and angry

But there are some things

It can't remove from existence

Never felt like this

Like the feelings are coming back

Never felt like this

Like I'm not lost anymore

And you can turn against me

Throw me back into the void from which I came

Make me suffer endless oblivion once again

But you'll never hide the light that you've shown

It makes a permanent mark

That only love can leave

Opening the blinded eyes of a wounded heart

And releasing a forgotten beauty, that vanished within

And revealing a world, once veiled in dark regret

And because of a loving touch

I have regained my sight

~R/R! Thanks for reading!