"We're with you all of the time-
While you're awake and when you're asleep
And we'll never go away; we'll always be there
To haunt you in your thoughts
Because we're a part of you, you see

"We are ugly, we are beautiful

"We follow you around all day long
Toying with your thoughts, your actions
Constant is the effect we have on you
How easily we manipulate your doings!
You are under our control

"We are devastating, we are soothing

"You belong to us, pathetic creature!
You are nothing but dust without us
We decide whether you live or die
Yet we still love you, so very much
Just as much as we hate you

"We are deafening, we are mute

"We're there to catch you when you fall
And there to throw you to the ground
Whenever we see fit to do so
You feel us when you cry, when you laugh
Though you've never given us much thought

"We are visible, we are hidden

"We define who you are as a person
Molding your personality as you grow
We make you unique and make you similar
To everyone else who we have cultivated
We give you strength and take it away

"We are Emotion."

~E. Speer