I feel I ought to elaborate somewhat on the background to this story. I wrote it the same day as being dumped via email, and needed to get some very serious anger and frustration out of my system. The description of my experiences on the bus home are typical of what I normally go through on a day-to-day basis. 'Gay-go' is indeed one of my many unpleasant nicknames, and somebody really DID throw a sandwich at my head. I have subsequently also been threatened with a scalpel presumably stolen from a biology lesson. The school's layout is exactly accurate, and any former pupils of Wollaston Secondary School, Northants will be able to confirm this- the Sixth Formers got their own separate building back in '98, and there's been some extension work since this story was written, but it is accurate to the date of publication.

Readers may be glad to know that I am now back with the girl in question. Many thanks are due to Paula and Sarah for being sympathetic listeners. A wholehearted middle-finger salute is due to 'Dougal', who was the inspiration for the first person to get shot. Thanks also to everybody who reviewed, ESPECIALLY Amber for agreeing to give me another go.

Would I really have done it? Yes, if I could have got my hands on a gun.