The Warriors Saga: Defection: Spell

Part two in the five story Saga by Deadly Warrior

(A/N Japok IV is much like earth)


It was five days after finishing the Ozaga mission. Deadly Warrior, Gamma, Beta, Delta and Omega were on a new mission, to destroy the remnants of Ozaga's army.

In the distance, Deadly could see a couple military installations with Ozaga's insignia on it. He signaled for the others to speed up and they did so. But, about 200 meters from the base, Beta, Delta and Omega stopped. Deadly and Gamma noticed, so they stopped too.

"What is it?" inquired Gamma.

"I...don't know," said Delta.

"What's happening to us?" asked Beta.

"I don't know...but I have the urge for destruction," said Omega.

"Me too," said Delta.

"And Death,"

"Well then, lets fulfill these urges!" yelled Omega.

Deadly and Gamma stood dumbfounded by their bretheren's words.

"What?!" asked Gamma.

"Must...kill!" said Delta.

"No! We have to carry out our mission!" said Deadly.

Omega kicked Deadly in the face, sending him driving into the ground. Gamma drew his two Daggers, and charged him, only to be Karate-Chopped in the neck by Beta. Deadly and Gamma fell unconscious as their evil brothers flew off in search of something to kill.

Three hours later, Deadly awoke with a huge pain in his neck. He scrambled up, and saw Gamma a couple meters away from him. He walked over to check on his brother. He awoke, and looked at Deadly.

"What made them do this?" asked Gamma.

"I don't know, but I think might know..."

"Why?" asked Gamma.

"Maybe it's that blast that Ozaga shot at them during the final battle. Maybe it was an insanity spell,"


"In any case, we have to stop them,"

"You're right. They only beat us because we let our guard down,"

"Have any idea where they are?" asked Deadly.

"Probably destroying some city,"

"Well, we'll have to concentrate energy to find them,"

Both then began charging energy.


Beta, Delta and Omega stood in the middle of a busy road, with angry drivers honking loudly at them.

"Get the hell off the road you maniac!" yelled a crazy pedestrian.

All three did not move. Then, a driver got out of his car and walked up to the deranged brothers.

"Hey, freak! Can you read the signs?! Get the hell off!"

Delta chuckled.

"What are you laughing at, asshole?"

"Your stupidity," he commented.

"You calling me stupid?"

The man then tried punching Delta. He grabbed his fist easily, and began to crush it.

"Don't piss me off," said Delta in a low tone.

He then kicked the man into the air, and destroyed him with an energy blast. Everything then stopped to look at Beta, Delta and Omega.

"Fools!" yelled Omega.

The three then stood back to back, and charged energy. They began spinning faster, and faster and faster. They then unleashed their energy blasts.

"KI Tornado!" yelled all three in unison.

Three massive KI blasts sprang from the tornado, destroying all in its path. Screams escaped the people of the city as they attempted to flee, but were blown up. The three evil doers stopped their rampage as all lay in ruins around them.

"Well, it's on to the next city!" laughed Delta.

The others laughed as well, and flew away, leaving a ruined city behind.