The Warriors Saga: Defection: Battle One

Part two in the epic Warriors Saga by Deadly Warrior


Deadly Warrior and Gamma sped up, having the coordinates for where their evil siblings are. Up ahead, Gamma eyed a massive barrel of smoke emerging from a city.

"They are probably there!" said Gamma.

"No, really?" said Deadly sarcastically.

Meanwhile, inside the city, the three were busy killing hapless residents. A man attempted to retaliated against the crazy beings, but his punch was blocked by Beta.

"My god you are a fool,"

Beta picked the man up by his throat. He held him in the air, being satisfied as he tried to wriggle his way out of his hard grasp.

"Put him down Beta!" said a familiar voice.

"Deadly Warrior," said Beta in a low tone, "And I thought you two were dead,"

"Wrong, jackass," said Gamma.

"Now put him down!"


Beta released the man. But as he ran away, Beta killed him with a quick KI blast. Omega and Delta stepped over to Beta, on each side.

"You want a rematch, eh Deadly?" asked Delta.

"You morons will never defeat us," said Omega.

"We'll see!" yelled Gamma.

He drew his two Daggers, and Deadly drew his largest sword, his Broadsword. The other three drew theirs, and then they charged each other. Beta attempted to swing his straight sword at Gamma, but he parried it by forming and X with his daggers. He broke from the lock, and kicked Beta in the face. Deadly was facing off against Omega and Delta, who were stronger then before, I might add.

Omega swung his dual Butterflies (they are a kind of knife, like Kano has in Mortal Kombat) at Deadly, who just had enough time to parry it. Whilst in the lock, Deadly ran up Omega, and jumped behind him. He punched him, knocking several teeth out. Omega spat out some blood, and attempted to stab Deadly. He dodged it by flipping backwards, and kicking Delta in the chest.

Gamma charged some energy and launched it at Beta, who reflected it with a quick energy charged of his own. Gamma jumped into the air, just missing his deflected blast. He whipped one of his daggers at Beta, and it drove itself into his arm. Beta yelled in agony, but then pulled the dagger out. He tossed it aside like a rag-doll, and charged Gamma with his sword.

He swung it side-ways consistently, but Gamma dodged it with multiple backflips. Gamma then cartwheeled over to his dagger, and snatched it off of the ground. He sheathed the two daggers, and ran towards his evil brother. He attempted to punch him in the face, but was blocked by Beta's arm. Gamma pulled his fist away quickly, and then tripped Beta. He dropped his straight-sword, but quickly got back up. He then tried punching Gamma's head, but he moved slightly, dodging the punch.

Beta became frustrated, and punched faster. Gamma blocked most of the punches, but one struck him in his gut, sending him onto the ground, paralyzed in pain. Beta turned and picked up his sword, and then turned again to face his brother.

"It is time to die, brother!" cackled the maniacal warrior.

Deadly just finished kicked Omega and Delta onto the ground, when he saw Beta with his sword to Gamma's head. He reacted instantly, and charged towards Beta. Deadly tackled him hard, sending him flying a good few meters. He helped Gamma up to his feet, and then looked at Omega and Delta, who were closing in. Deadly quickly transferred some of his energy to Gamma, and they sprung into the air.

Beta lifted himself off the ground, and grabbed his sword. He joined Omega and Delta, and they jumped into the air after Deadly and Gamma. The two brothers immediately sped off, with their evil counter-parts hot on their tails. Deadly turned and launched two energy blasts at them, but they dodged it with ease.

Beta then stopped, and grabbed Omega and Delta's legs.

"Wait. If they are afraid of us, why not let them go and destroy some more things?" asked Beta.

"What if they come back?" asked Delta.

"Then we'll beat their sorry asses again,"

The three nodded, and turned around. They sped off. Deadly and Gamma were puzzled.

"Let's go after them!" said Deadly.

"No. We must contact Zamio, and see if he can help,"


The two then turned towards south, the direction of Zamio's base, and flew off.

In the Genetic Testing labs of his fortress, Lord Zamio smiled at the progress of his newest creation, the X-2000, AKA Alpha. It was created as a female, and had all the powers of the X-1000s. He checked the percentage of it's progress. It read, 90%.