Im descending
From a space
From a lost space inside my head

I fall from and with grace
Trying to find my place

I find
This world is to big for the likes of me

Im lost in this void
Blinded by the dust kicked up by those passing by
Just another time and another place to get high

Now im confused
I have little clue of what to do

The grains of sand slip on
Right through the hour glass of my life

I don't know where I am
I never expected to be here
Lost in oblivion
Time just passes

I don't what to do
Or how I got here
I do know

Where it will all end
So when I pass from this so far wretched plain
Also known our existence
That's why I want some legacy
And some direction

So I can live on with the closet thing to perfection
Until I reach a period of un-detection