Chapter 3 The stars and moon had replaced the sun one more time before I dared to venture from the safety of the alley. I was still unaware of stranger's "gift" that he had given me so I sought to finish the task of the previous night and return home. Again, had I known the future I would not have done so since walking home proved to be extremely difficult on my senses. I could smell the lice that infested the people dwelled there. I could taste the bitterness that lingered in their breath. All at once sadness had enveloped me and I was lost. Obviously, I was so bombarded with new sensations that I failed to notice how breathing was not necessary and that I could see with more precision than I ever had before. I do remember thinking, "Where can I go and where is the man who did this to me?"
By the time I reached my flat, I had no answers to these two questions and I longed for that brief time where my ignorance kept me searching. I wish that I had never found what I was looking for, but when I pushed lightly on the old wooden door, it gave in and opened a crack. I smelled a musty odor that escaped through the crack in the doorway. I recall thinking, "Watch out! He is behind this door somewhere!"