Chapter 4
When I pushed open the unpainted wooden door, nothing was there. I still was cautious because of that familiar smell and I traced it back to an inked letter on my bureau. I had a feeling that it was going to be from him.
Dear blood,
You were quite delicious so I decided to follow you on your
change into the dark realm of which I dwell. I imagine you are
asking how you can taste and smell more easily? The answer, of
course, is that you are a vampire now. By this line my eyes had widened and I stood in awe. A vampire? "How can this be?" I had thought soon after.
Yes, that is what I am. A vampire that feeds on the blood of
mortals as you must now an eternity! I have decided to
give you my name only so you will be able to say who created
you. For now, this is all I will tell you.
The Father of the Reborn,
Because of my devastation, I do not remember much from the next few hours. I can say that it was the worst experience second only to losing dear Antoinette, who (or whom) I would surely cry I could. But that comes much later in the hellish saga my memories have become.