Purple Haze
By Aveline

I look at you through a purple haze,
So opaque but yet so clear,
My head hurts on the inside,
Whenever you are too near,
My ache keeps me awake,
I pray down on my knees,
When you say your going to leave me forever,
I could scream for almost seven weeks,
Being with you just induces a toxic tenderness,
But you keep me dosed up on the painkillers,
I can't see what you really are,
Through the tough times you left me alone,
You could only take the smooth,
I hate you more than I can say,
But I love you like hell today,
Tomorrow I won't know what to say
Do I mean anything to you?
Tell me that I'm more than a little catch,
For you to have your way with,
I don't think I see what you're doing to me,
But I haven't got enough strength to break free,
To tell you that i'm better off alone,
Could I survive by myself?
Will I ever find out?