My Suicide

~ * ~ * ~

Once on a warm spring dawn,

Standing on my shady green lawn,

My father said to me

That I would have to learn to be

A better person.

That was when life was great,

And I didn't know the meaning of hate.

And all the angels sang that time

Of a world as great as mine.

Once on a humid summer day,

Once I had had my say,

Life wasn't that great or that good,

And my father told me I would

Have to be strong now.

He said he was going away,

And I would have to stay.

And all the angels wept that time

For a sorrow as great as mine.

Once on a cool autumn evening,

Once I had finished grieving,

I realized I had learned that life

Was full of pain and bitter strife.

It made me angry and full of rage,

It made me curse this cold steel cage.

I needed to get out.

And all the angels in Heaven cried

When I contemplated my suicide.

Once on a frosty winter night,

When in my life there was no light,

I climbed up to the roof and thought

About how I was unstable

And I was distraught.

It was time for me to say goodbye,

It was time for me to die.

And all the angels in Heaven died

To atone for my suicide.