A/N: Srry dat chapter 3 iz shorta than da otha'z. I waz workin on it late at nite. I hope it'z still az good.

Chapter 3: To Grandmother's House We Go Elizabeth stared out the car window as Brian drove them to their grandma's house. There were kids playing in the snow and dogs barking wilding as they wagged their tail. It had completely stopped snowing by now, but the gray clouds in the sky still hung around.

The Linkin Park CD of Brian's was playing in the background but neither of them were paying any attention to it. Now when Elizabeth looked outside the window, the only thing to look at were trees, snow, the road or passing cars.

She looked down at her left hand: Brian's fingers were wrapped around hers. She pulled her hand away and placed it on her lap.

Brian took his now-empty right hand and placed it on the wheel as he drove down the nearly empty road.

Elizabeth turned again to look out the window. Thoughts, memories and unanswered questions raced through her head as she stared out the window. She thought of the day she had sex with Daniel. She remembered the previous night she sleep with Brian and what happened this morning (a smile came across her face).

Then she asked herself, "What am I doing? I was just holding hands with my brother! And...I kissed him! Though I don't really regret it. I'm getting off the topic." Then she suddenly remembered and asked herself, "And what's he going to do tonight?!"

More questions continued to pop up in her head. "And what'll happen to Daniel? Will we ever talk again? Will he still be my best friend or will we just ignore and avoid each other? Does he think I'm a whore or something? Did he tell anyone yet?!" All these questions played in her head repeatedly like a broken record.

Brian, meanwhile, had not noticed the different facial expressions that came across Elixabeth's face. As he glaced over, he noticed that she seemed confused and there was a slight frown.

"What's wrong Liz?" "Nothing. I'm fine." "Come on Liz. Just tell me." "Just...I have a lot on my mind. That's all."

Brian nodded. He understood what she ment. She was having doubts about the relationship forming between them. He'd been thinking of the same thing. While he was in the shower, he asked himself many questions. "What am I doing? I'm 4 years older than her! And she's my little sister!" was what ran through his head while he took his shower. He looked back onto the road and was silent.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, kept throwing glances at Brian. He was so handsom and muscular and...just the best guy she had ever met by far! He was smart, strong, caring and understand. She knew he knew what she ment when she said she had a lot on her mind.

Elizabeth took her left hand and moved it closer to Brian's hand, which was now on his lap. She took his hand and smiled at him. He turned and smiled at her too. Elizabeth's golden hair fell from behind her back as she watched him.

She sat upright again and looked out the window once again, just in time to see a few deer standing at a safe distance from the road.