~* An Ode to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia *~

The city is dark with but a few
Buildings aglow
Flats, ugly structures indeed
And gaudy straggly lights grace the 'Nova'
While nightbirds flock
And desperately seek Susan
(Or Mary or Esther or John)
Or maybe just for parking
Packing the clubs
It's Saturday night
The streets are jammed
With people who don't know where they're going
The Prince Hotel is missing a 'c'
The Twin Towers are alight
Streetlights like sparkling amber
Office buildings lit with
The blood, sweat and tears of
(Not quite) nine-to-fivers
It's not quite pretty, I suppose
But it's home
Although I'll never quite feel
Alive here
The city is mine
With a life of its own

Dark is the city, but with a few buildings aglow.