By Yuri Fan
Summary: Lesbian love poem that rhymes (my own meter) and has a story. Enjoy!

As I walk into the shop
I see someone there
She's licking a lollypop
She has pretty long hair

I know she cannot possibly be
Someone who thinks like me
A girl who doesn't care about 'he'
A girl who wants a 'she'

But when I get my food
I see her look at me different
Was this her attitude?
Could I have just been ignorant?

My heart decides to skip a beat
Jitters travel through my feet
She motions her hand to a seat
Should I sit with her to eat?

She whispers in my ear
I don't know what she'll say
She says to me "No Fear"
I'll remember today

She goes to her car, holding my hand
She turns on the radio, it's my favorite band
All my problems are small as sand
I'm Alice, and this is my ultimate Wonderland

It's fast, but it's the kind I like best
It's perfect love at first sight
She puts her hand on my breast
I want this with all my might

We're home, and I sense by her tone
Tonight I won't spend alone
She's really gonna make me moan
On me, her skills she will hone

A flurry of kissing and biting
I think she's just using me, but I don't care
For me, it's just way too exiting
My arms around her, my hands touching her hair

Our bodies mingle, bubbling like stew
We finish, but there is something between us two
She's not like me, my wishes can't come true
But she surprises me and she says "I love you"

She feels like me
It's love at first sight
And I can see
My life is all right