Tallie's dancing like it's Tuesday night.

Tallie loves dancing and dancing loves her even more. When Tallie's dancing theres nothing the room but her. Even though her body is straight up and down like a boy's and even though her hair is messy and her eyes are small Tallie looks beautiful when she's dancing. Sometimes her cigarette sits between her lazy lips. Sometimes she holds it in her hands and dances with it. It's her best dance partner because really it is an extension of her arm. Tallie's lips let the smoke pool softly outwards and it sits above her, illuminated unless she's dancing in the dark.

Today Tallie was wearing the necklace I bought her. And I wished I was that necklace so I could sit around Tallie's neck like that, moving as she does.

But I'm over here sitting and draining my third beer. I'm in love with Tallie and watching her smoothly. I can't take my eyes off her. No matter what happened if Tallie hept dancing I would stay here. In this broken chair in this dingy pub.

Because I love Tallie.

Tallie loves dancing.

And dancing loves Tallie.