Title: Rainbow Kisses

Author: Mistress Ghost

Rating: R for language, slash (guys liking other guys),

Disclaimer: These characters are mine. Please do not use without permission.

Author's Notes: This is slash, so don't read it if you're easily offended. Criticism welcomed, flames are not.

Summary: four friends (whom are homosexuals) try to help each other through their lives.

Note: Here's a little info on the characters: *Alan Toru: chocolate brown hair with blue eyes. Big brother to Johnn. *Christian Jonnar: honey gold hair and brown eyes. Lover to Alan Toru. *Johnn Toru: chocolate brown hair with green eyes. Little brother of Alan. *Kenny Mana: black hair and blue eyes. Close friend to Alan, Christian, and Johnn

"Hey Christian"


"What time is it?"

" 4:20..."

"You work today?"

" Nope."

"Wanna shower up?"

"At 4:20 in the morning?!"

"Or we can just fuck..."

"Mmmmm, ok..."


"You awake?"


"So how about that shower and some strong coffee?"

"Sounds good."

Cotton robes of blue and white slip over caramel skin. Bare feet trudge on the grey fluffy carpet to the cold tile floor of the bathroom. Hot flesh, stretched holes all cooled by the warm water. Hands caress tender flesh. 15 minutes in the shower, soapy bodies, lilac scented hair. Pink cotton towels wrap around clean, damp hair making rivulets of water run over tight biceps. Lotion rubbed and massaged into every nook and cranny. Shiny gun-metal gray sleeveless shirt and flowing Dolce and Gabbana tweed slacks go on the chocolate haired man known as Alan, dark blue sweater over tight Prada black slacks on the honey haired Christian. Hair is styled, cologne is sprayed.

"Ready for breakfast Alan?"

"Mmmhhhhmmm, some french toast with cinnamon. Strong coffee too, Alan."

"Yeah, can't forget 'bout that!"

Tasty cinnamon flavors with hot dark drink slides down gilded bellies. Minty toothpaste cleans each and every pearly-white, nice fresh breath. Followed by a kiss.

"Hey Christian, let's watch "Urbania"!"

"You just love Alan Cumming don't you?"

"Good God yes! I just die every time I hear his voice! Mhhmmm, his smoldering sexy Scottish voice! I could just eat him up!"

"Mmmmm, sounds good."

A nip to the blonde's ear as he pops in the DVD and flips right to Alan's first scene. So sad...


"I got it! Hello...hello? Oh hi Kenny, hey babe! Oh, you wanna talk to Christian?"

The indigo phone passes from hand to hand. A small chuckle as Brett (Alan's character's name) calls Charlie a whore.

"Hi Kenny! Oh stellar, you got it! Wicked! Can you bring it on over? M'kay lover boy, see you in a bit."

Shaved chocolate hair at the base of the neck with the top hanging down to pointy milk-white ears, chocolate eyes. This is Alan Cumming. Alan Toru's idol. The perfect gay man. Nice clothes. He could sing, be dramatic, be funny...Pure gay fun! Like a giddy school boy Alan repeats the lines that Brett say. Tears welling in his eyes as the scene get's a bit darker, a bit sadder. He kisses the screen as Alan Cumming smiles at Dan, laying on the couch being adorable.


"Oh hey Kenny!"

"Wow, you look sexy!"

"Mmmm, thanks."

Kiss-kiss. Light tugs of ear rings. Crooked smiles with perfect teeth. Another knock.

"Johnn! Hey babe."

"Hi Christian. Come on in. You feeling good?"

Damp pale skin, disheveled brown hair. He's dying...AIDS is a terrible beast, and it had Johnn in it's clutches...Dark circles under blue eyes. Many nights of tears... Pain...Some days Johnn wanted to put his Daddy's gun to his head and BLAM! But Christian, Kenny and Alan forbade it. They'd fight it together. Johnn didn't hold the beautiful blond haired, green eyed man to harm or hate. Even though that's how he'd gotten this mother fuckin' disease. If Christian or Kenny or Alan knew how Johnn felt, they'd tie him to the bed and never let him go. A feeble smile caresses greying lips. So, so tired.

"Happy Birthday Johnn!"

"Yeah man, you're 21 now! Liquor! Woo-hoo, you're playing with us big gents now!"

Another weak smile. Kenny, box in hand opens it. Cake! Pretty greens and blues with an edible picture of Johnn throwing a peace sign. Smiling brightly. He looks so old now. So hard to look at him now. Remembering his strong arms, caressing fingers. Alan had to cry, he just had to. Johnn was wearing the shirt Alan had bought him at the local S&M club "Kit Kat-O Nine Tails". On the front it read "I Love S&M, not the silly costumes!" and on the back a rider's crop. Tight leather pants.

"Happy Birthday to Johnn!"

Tears stream down pale skin, Alan, shaking from the tears. Sounds of Charlie crying in the background, Dean killing Charlie's gay lover. Christian turns the DVD off.

"Oh Alan, don't cry..."

"But Johnn you're...you're..."

"Shhhh, shhhh..."

Those strong arms holding and rocking Alan. Like they did as kids. When Daddy drank, Alan had always get the brunt of his attacks. The blows. Big Brother needed help about Daddy so Johnn had to help him. 3 years apart, Alan and Johnn.

"Do you remember the dog Alan?"


*Sniff-Sniff*I-I do..."

"You remember what was going to happen to that dog?"

"Daddy was going to kill it but I s-saved it."

"Don't fall Alan, not now. I won't fall Alan, so you can't! Now Come on Alan, perk up! Eat some cake, drink some champagne."

Johnn tickling Alan, Alan laughing, tears stopping. A smile...Chocolate and frosting mingled with salt. Hand on hand. Christian and Alan with a swift kiss here and there. Johnn's uplifting laugh. He's happy...Yet...Remember the dog damnit! Memories. Laughter. Presents: gel for his hair, clothes, cologne. How much longer would Johnn live? Hours later...

"Hey Alan?"


"I'm writing a story."

Smooth arm wraps around hot biceps.

"Mmmm, what about lover boy?"

Flick of a tongue on salty skin.


*Flash Back*

Rain...Johnn looking sweet there, naked. Dean, the picture perfect man. Blond hair and green eyes. A slow, hard screw. Licks and kisses galore. Weeks later...He's not feeling well...No biggie...Ha...no biggie...Tears. Tears because of the pain. Tears because he knows he's to late to stop it. Tears because he's...

*Present Day*

"So Alan, how long do you think Johnn'll..."


"I'm sorry...Alan...I...Christian, I'm...I'm just so...so..."

"I know. You wanna call him?...Don't worry Alan, you care about him, that's a good thing."



He sounds so weak.

"Hi Johnn, it's Christian. Were you sleeping Johnn?"

"Yeah, but it's all right. What do you need Christian?"

"Ummm, well. Alan wanted to talk to you."

"Ah...Well, put him on."

"Hey Johnn."

"Hi Alan."


"Alan, just let me go. I know it's hard but...that's all we can do...It's the past, we can't erase me meeting Dean."


"Want me to come over Alan?"

"Would you?"


Ice cold fear

"...What if he dies right here...right now..."

"No, don't go there Alan..."



"Come on in Johnn."

Quiet footsteps. Almost inaudible. Hugs between siblings.

"I talked to Aunt Jena yesterday."

"How's she doing?"

"Her and Anna broke up. She cried for hours on the phone."

"Poor girl."

"Yeah. So...We should go out clubbing. Want to?"

"Not now."

A tired sigh.

"How are Aunt Monica and Uncle Joe?"

"They're good. Molly is already 12."


All this talk of family made Alan want to cry again. He could remember the day when he was 13 and Johnn was 10. They were at Aunt Monica's and they'd been terrorizing her little terrier dog Fini. Poor thing. It died that next summer from a kidney failure. Johnn had loved that dog. And then he remembered Sonya. The dog he'd saved from his Daddy's shotgun. She'd been in their front yard. Dying. Alan saw her and brought her inside. Calling the vet and asking what to do. She was just dehydrated. So he gave her some water and did what the vet said to do. Daddy came home all made from work. Grabbing some Budweiser once he got in the house. Cursing out Alan and kicking the dog then going for his shotgun once his son wouldn't take the dog outside. Alan had got in front of the dog and dared his Daddy to shoot. He didn't of course. Just kicked the kid and walked on into his bedroom. He was so sick of his damned kid, not so much the younger one. But fuck! The older one...what a fucking fag! I mean Jesus Christ...he was what, like 15 and he'd all ready shagged like 5 guys. Guys! He'd raised his kids better than that, to, to fuck boys! Sick fuck! But that was the past