Today is Mother's day!
I wish the best for you
I just wanted to tell you Happy Mother's Day!
Maybe some other things too.
I just wanted to say a couple of thoughts,
The love and kindness you showered on me
The joy and happiness your presence brought
It makes me giggle with glee! ^_^
Sometimes I might get you angry
I don't know why I am not aware,
Of how disrespectful I was to you
Of how I didn't seem to care
I get you sad when I don't practice violin
And when I do, I don't do it with my mind
You help me so much and I don't even know it
So I understand you were actually being very kind
I may shoot back at you,
My words piercing your heart
It hurts me inside too,
Because I knew I was destroying from the start
So I want to say sorry for everything
All the mean things I did and said,
I want you to know that I love you,
I hope you get that into your head!
Your patience through all these years
It has truly surprised me,
All the joy and sorrow you gave through tears
Yet you still recognize me
You cared for me,
From diapers to pads,
Even the thought makes me blush
But now I realize you are the best helper I could ever have

We went through so much laughter,
'Cause of all the good times we shared,
Maybe it's those good memories we're after,
You have no clue how much I cared

My clothes are big and baggy,
Did you want them tight?
Don't worry, when I'm a teenager,
You'll try to loosen them with all your might.
If I can look ahead
In a big crystal ball,
I can see a lot of things that can happen
Time; winding like a long dark hall
I see bad things ahead,
Things that will make you and me cry,
Death, Despair, and Depression,
We can pull through if we really try
But I see other things too,
Like happiness and laughter
I see me and you with family,
And even the time after
The trees are green,
The flowers blooming,
Everyone has a smile on
With no thought of being gloomy
I see us playing in the meadows,
Romping and running in the plush green grass,
The sky the clearest blue
Like polished, new glass
We tell each other stories,
Ones that make you smile,
It spreads like wildfire,
It didn't happen in a little while.
Then one of us tell a story,
That ex ceptionally makes you grin as you hear them say,
Of how your daughter had thought of a special someone
This Mother's Day
Someone who is loves,
Someone who cares,
Someone who always think of others,
Even if they have to go into things that might scare.
Someone who knows when to stop,
Or when to go,
Someone who is willing to take you everywhere,
Even if she's busy and she knows.
That certain person is sitting right here,
Mouthing these exact words,
With a big grin on her face,
You should have heard!
You know that this was meant to make you happy,
Meant to make you smile with gladness,
It was the least I could do
To pay you back for all your goodness!
So this I hope is one of your happy moments,
That you can cherish and remember,
'Til you think of it again
Maybe next December,
'Cause you never know when I would write next time,
You can think of Christmas, Easter, or red Valentines,
But today is none of them,
No, it's not any of these
You have to remember this,
Maybe if I ask with a pretty please?
To remember that this day is for you and no other,
That we're celebrating the wonderful day for Mothers.
So don't think of anything bad today!
You got your gifts and hugs too,
But I wonder, which one did you like the best,
It has to be none other then the 'I LOVE YOU'S!'