Um...yeah. I did this in my creative writing class at the camp I'm going to, so it's a little short. We were supposed to focus on one object (The green fishing lure).


A lonely, green-tinted fishing lure swayed in the chilling breeze, hanging on a clear string. The lure looked fairly expensive, with its shiny tinted metal scales, and the sharpened chrome hooks.

Tips of fingers bobbled underneath, reaching for the shiny treasure that had been caught on the branch hovering over the bank of the muddy river.

"I can't reach it!" cried a boy, looking to be about 9 years old. His black hair was ruffled, and his cheeks were flushed from the cold. "I can't loose that lure! It's dads! I wasn't supposed to fish with it!" He moaned, trying to jump higher. However, he just couldn't reach it, and was tiring himself out before the long hike home. The boy summoned all his strength, and leaps - but misses- and lands in the murky depths of the river.

Air bubbles surfaced in numbers each time the child's head ducked under. He struggled frantically to stay afloat, but eventually his winter clothes pulled him down...down...and down, to the bottom of that lonely, cold river, far out from any houses. And still that green-tinted fishing lure swayed on its invisible string, bidding others to try and get it.


oO's reeeeaaally short.