Hmm...another thing from my writing class. We had to focus on a deck of cards this time.


Two friends were driving down a Los Vegas strip, happier than they had ever been, because one had just won the jackpot of all prizes while playing poker with his lucky deck. They were laughing and joking with each other, and discussing what they were going to do with the money, and not paying attention to the road, or to how they had swerved in the other lane. All the warning they got was the blaring of the semi's horn, and they collided.

The truck driver tried to brake but it was no use. He ended up with a slight concussion that would have no lasting affect on him, and would only cause a couple headaches for a few days.

The two friends weren't so lucky. One died from a severe head trauma - caused by his head bashing into the steering wheel and rupturing an important blood vessel. He died slowly on the inside, while the other was catapulted forward towards the windshield, where he was cut deeply by the shattered glass, making him die quickly.

And to the side of the crash site was that "lucky" deck of cards, flecked with blood.


Another really short one...but they really don't give you enough time to write more, and when you finish a story, you like it just the way it is. Or at least I do. ^_^;;;