" Dude," Lila breathed. " Where are we?"

" Not home," Cheryl replied nervously.

Lila's ice blue eyes focused on the inky black trees and the jagged mountains further behind. Her eyes left the ground and surveyed the sky. The sky was also black, lightning zigzagging every now and then, causing the trees to appear to have faces.

" Yeah, I don't like this." Cheryl edged closer to her cousin.

" I guess the older cousin does actually get afraid, huh?" Lila said.

Cheryl didn't respond. She screamed and pointed a shaking finger at a tree, tightening her grip on Lila's arm.

Lila shook her off. " I want to keep the blood in my arm," she said and turned back to the tree.

Red flashed against the dark trunk. Were those...Dead livestock? Lila shuddered and picking of a black branch prodded it. The thing rolled over to reveal a dead goat, its eyes sucked out and gone.

" Oh my God," Lila gasped and back away.

One by one, the dead things turned over to reveal eyeless cows, goats, and other animals.

" Oh my God," Lila said and stumbled back. " Oh my God."

Cheryl gave another terrified cry and Lila glanced up from the dead animal; she froze. Dead livestock were in piles under the black trees, hanging on the branches, or lying on the ground. All had the same marks-two punctures in their throats.

Lila's heart banged and thundered in her chest.

" Oh my God," Lila barely breathed. " El Chupacabra."

" The what?" Cheryl looked at her.

" Goat suckers. They eat animals."

The blood seemed to drain from Cheryl's face. " They're only legend."

" What do they look like?" Cheryl clutched Lila's arm.

" Well, think of them as...I don't know...Lizard kangaroos or something. Hind legs, spines on their backs, reptile-like in a way."

Cheryl's nails bit gouges into her skin. " Ow! Hey!"

" Do they, by any chance, look like that?"

Lila looked up and was face to face with a snarling creature. Fangs hung from its mouth, dripping saliva. Spines were aloft on its back, it skin shining, its eyes glowing brightly.

" What makes you say that?" Lila looked back at the Chupacabra.

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