This is the tale of one individual trying to make a name for herself among all of the great superheroes of our time. Unfortunatly, she's only a sidekick at the moment and must be a one for an entire year before she can get her hero permit. We join our soon-to-be hero in her first adventure. So begins "Sidekick Girl: Episode 1"

"PLEEEEEASE! I'd be a really good sidekick!" She pleaded as she clung to Spiderman's boot. He tried in vain to shake her loose before realizing the remote possibility of this ever happening.

"For the last time, I do not need a sidekick!" The hero glared at the young lady attatched to his leg. Her lip quivered and her eyes widened, moist and sparkling.

"C'mon! I'd be a really good sidekick! I've had experience!" Spiderman raised an eyebrow out of curiosity at hearing this and decided to further inquire about her previous employers, whom he pitied greatly.

"Oh yeah? Who?" Sidekick Girl jumped up and gave him a smug look.

"Thank you very much, I was with the X Men!"

Begin flashback.

Magneto hovered above the group of heroes and the newly hired Sidekick Girl menacingly. Truth be told, Magneto didn't particularly adore the X Men and vice versa. Cyclops, hands balled into fists at his sides, pouted as he stood under the airborn villian mutteirng such things as "I hate you." and "You smell funny." Wolverine sat on the ground, puffing a stogie and carving a turkey, for no reason at all other than the fact that it's funny. Jean Grey and Storm were braiding each others hair and playing with dolls and Sidekick Girl stared blankly up at Magneto.

"So... um.. metal things.. stick to you?" Magneto looked at her and rolled his eyes.

"No duh, you n00b. That's why I'm called Magneto."

She looked at her feet for a minute before nodding and retrieving a toster from thin air and chucking it at Magneto. The toaster, naturally being made of metal, was attracted to Magneto and proceeded to hit him in the head with such force that it killed him on impact. He promptly fell out of the sky and landed on Jean Grey, killing her also. Because I don't like her. It was a sacrifice for the greater good. Everyone stared at Sidekick Girl and the still bodies of Magneto and Jean.

Cyclops shook his head. "You're fired." Sidekick Girl looked at him with shocked eyes from behind her mask.

"What!? Why!?"

"You killed Magneto." Said Wolverine from behind his turkey.

"And Jean." Added Cyclops. Not that anyone, including him, would miss her.

". So?" Sidekick Girl couldn't understand why, after defeating their greatest enemy and Magneto in one turn, she was being dsmissed.

"Well, Magneto wasn't attacking us. He was helping us move in our new fridge." He pointed to a refrigerator over by the gates of the Institute. Sidekick Gril was silent for a moment.

"Well. $#!%."

End flashback

"Ahh. Good times." Sighed Sidekick Girl as Spiderman looked dumbfounded.

"So, can I be your sidekick?" She asked again, hopefully.

"NO!" He repeated for the umpteenth time.

"PLEASE!? I'll buy you an ice cream cone!" Spiderman considered for a moment. He had been saving people all day and he was kind of hungry.

"Oh fine. But it better be vanilla."

P.S: Don't sue me for using Marvel's characters! I don't own them, Marvel does. See? A disclaimer. Ya can't sue me now. And I know it was short but it's 4 A.M. Don't bug me. I'll add more.