A/N: Here you go Kaitling

It was freezing that night at the soccer match. And I mean cold. We don't get much cold weather in Brisbane. But I was so cold I could hardly stand up. That's another thing. Because we don't get cold weather very often, when we do, we don't take it too well. I stood next to Mac, both of us with our arms wrapped around our bodies, bouncing on our toes. Ben was out on the field, wearing only shorts, a jersey and a beanie. I didn't like to think about what the cold was doing to him.

I watched as Ben's coach signalled the players in with his hands. They all trotted over and he spoke for a moment, flailing his hands around wildly. While the coach was speaking I looked around at the other team. They were from a school on the north side. They must have been a public school, because they had a lot of supporters, mostly girls there watching them. Actually, as I looked around I discovered the crowed was mostly girls. The scoreboard above the clubhouse showed there were 10 minutes left till kick off.

Ben came jogging towards us. His coach must have finished his pep talk. When he reached me he gave me a huge bear hug and put his hands up the back of my jacket. I yelped as his cold hands came into contact with my skin. "I'm sso ccold!" he stuttered. "It's ffreezing out here!"

"Tell me about it."

Ben put his head on my shoulder. "Who are you playing?" I asked, trying to absorb some of his body warmth while trying to warm him up at the same time. He was right, he was freezing. His arms had a lovely purplish tinge to them. "Easterling." he lifted his head slightly to look over my shoulder. "They hate us a lot. Because we're a boy's school, we must be all fags. Freaks them out. They won't stand to close."

I laughed. "That's so stupid."

Ben shrugged. "They're in a rough area. They're all homophobes. See how many girls they brought with them?"

"Yeah, I noticed."

Mac was getting impatient. "Where's Jared?" she asked. Ben looked at her.

"He's getting his ankle strapped." He said. He lowered his face into my neck and tightened his grip around my waist. "I'm freezing!" he moaned.

"Why can't you wear your jackets until you actually start?"

"We're not supposed to be seen in anything except our uniforms. Like an actor can't be seen in their costumes."

"But you'll all freeze to death?"

"Coach doesn't care. He's nice and warm in his track suit."

"Oh ok. Is you're mum coming to watch?"

"nuh. She's working late."


"On a date."

"Who with this time?" Liam had a new girlfriend every few weeks.

"Her name's Heather. Tall, blonde, big boobs. Liam's usual type." Ben said.

"Leigh! Get over here!"

Ben turned around to see his coach gesturing frantically to him. "Argh no." he stood up straight. "Got to go."

I reached up and kissed him. "Good luck."

"Do that again." He ordered. He grinned. "For good luck."

I kissed him again and he took off over the field. Mac was still looking around anxiously. "I can't see him."

I sighed and leaned against the barrier. "He'll be out in a sec Mac. Calm down. Watch the game."

Jared walked onto the field a few minutes later. He lined up beside Ben in the forwards. All the players were shifting around or jumping up and down to keep warm. I scanned the rest of the players. The Easterling lot looked pretty rough. They were big guys, more muscle than hight though. Ben's player however, was taller than him as well as broader. As I watched he gave Ben a dirty look and spat on the ground at his feet. A look of worry flashed across Ben's face, then it was gone. He reached a hand up and pointed at the guy, then blew him a kiss. My mouth dropped open. The guy looked like he was going to be sick. Beside me Mac was in hysterics. On the field Jared looked like he was having trouble containing himself as well. "What the hell is he doing?" I wondered.

"He's smart, that's what." Mac said through her laughter. "You saw the size of that guy. He would have crushed Ben. And he was going to. Remember what Ben told you about the Easterling guys?"

I thought. "They go to a public school…they hate Ben's school…they're homophobes. Oh."

Mac giggled. "Ben's just guaranteed his own safety."

"Oh my god." I had to laugh. That was true. A lot of kids who went to public schools called same sex schools either fags or lesbians. And BBS was one of the biggest boys school in Brisbane. Ben was really smart though. That guy wouldn't go anywhere near him now.

I kept watching as Ben winked at his opposing player and gave him a little wave. Mackenzie could not stop laughing. While I was trying to edge away from her, Josh and Ryan arrived. "What are you doing here?" I asked. Josh and Ryan are on the same team as Ben for club soccer. But seeing as though they don't go to his school, they weren't playing that night. "We came to watch…oh my god, what is he doing?" Ryan asked in horror. Ben was now blowing kisses at the other two forwards who were lined up opposite him. Jared was in stitches, holding onto his side. The other BBS forwards was laughing pretty hard as well. Josh smirked. "They think all BBS boys are fags."

Comprehension lit up Ryan's face. "Smart boy."

"Tell me about it." I leant onto the barrier again as the ref raised his hand and blew the whistle, signalling for the game to start.

Half time came and BBS were up 2-1. I wandered away towards the canteen with the idea of getting something hot to drink. On my way I bumped into someone. "Sorry." I apologised hastily. "I didn't see you there."

The boy laughed. I blinked. That wasn't the usual response I got when I had knocked someone over. And that happened quite a bit. The boy looked searchingly at me. "You don't remember me do you?"

I frowned and scanned his face. "Should I?"

"I'm Dylan Ballinger."

"Oh! Right! I'm so sorry." I felt so stupid. Dylan and I had gone to school together, and our mothers had become good friends. Dylan laughed again. "Don't worry. Dyed my hair." He bent over to show me the blue tips on the end of his black hair.

I laughed. "Oh right. Looks good." I smiled at him.

He straightened up and smiled back. "Thanks. So what brings you out here? Can't be the lovely weather."

I laughed. "No. Definitely not the weather." I pointed. "My boyfriend plays striker for your school."

Dylan looked surprised. "You're going out with Ben Leigh?"

"Yeah. Do you know him?"

"Yeah, he's in my chem. class. He's a cool guy."

I nodded. A girl walked up and stood next to Dylan. "Oh Hailey, this is my girlfriend Kaitlin."

I smiled at the girl. "Hi."

She smiled back. "Hi."

I shifted my weight. "It was great to see you again Dylan, and meet you Kaitlin, but I should go." I pointed over to where Josh was waiting impatiently for the drink I was supposed to be getting him. Dylan laughed. "Ok, bye."

I made it to the concession stand and back again without knocking over any more innocent bystanders. I handed Josh his drink. "Who did you knock over?" he asked.

"Dylan Ballinger. Remember him?"

Josh thought. "Think so." He replied blandly. I shook my head. Josh was never really one for intelligent conversations. The game started up again, this time with a new intensity. Whatever the Easterling coach had said to his players, I guessed that it wasn't 'well played.' They were even more brutal than before. I didn't think that Ben's self made immunity would last all that long. His player didn't' seem all that worried anymore that Ben was going to rape him. I bit my lip as two of the BBS defenders were crunched. The crowed around me groaned. "Ouch." Ryan muttered from beside me. Mackenzie was looking anxiously out onto the field, hopping up and down and clutching at my arm. We both watched as Jared tried to tackle the ball from his player, only to get thrown off to the side. Mac's hand flew to her mouth as Jared got to his feet gingerly. "He's ok." I assured her. "It'd take more than that to crush Jared. Especially his ego."

Mac gave me a dirty look. Her anger with me was suddenly forgotten when the crowed around us started to roar. Damn it. I miss everything. I quickly turned my attention back to the field, just in time to see Ben racing down the wing dribbling the ball in front of him. The Easterling coach stood up on the other side of the field. "Do. Not. Let. That. Boy. Score!" he bellowed, spit flying from his mouth. Every single person lining the field was on their feet. Ben's player was steadily getting closer to him. I watched in suspense as Ben half turned his body and passed the ball over to Jared on his inside, just as the Easterling player took a running leap and crashed tackled Ben. His body jerked and flew into the air. He tumbled over the barrier and lay motionless over the other side of the field. The crowed roared out its disapproval. I thought Josh as going to go into cardiac arrest. "You fucking moron! Blow the fucking whistle you dickwad!"

The Easterling player was still going. He raced after Jared, who looked anxiously over his shoulders. The other forward was 10 meters behind him, and Ben was still lying on the side of the field. The BBS trainer and coach had run over as soon as he had landed. Ryan grabbed my arm. "Leave him Hail. You'll only get in the way."

Jared looked back in front of him. He only had the goalkeeper to beat, but the Easterling player was breathing down his neck. In desperation he took a long shot at goal. As his feet left the ground, he slipped and fell. The Easterling player went in with a slide tackle and landed on top of Jared with a sickening thump. Mac screamed as the rest of the crowed fell silent. The other guy picked himself up gingerly. Jared didn't move. His left arm was twisted beneath him horribly. The rest of the team left their positions and sprinted over to him. Mac was next on the field, closely followed by almost all off the BBS contingent. The dumb fuck referee finally blew his whistle. Josh and I hurdled the barrier at the same time and sprinted across the field.

We reached Ben about the same time. The crowed around Jared was so thick we couldn't even see him. Ben was lying under a blanket. His face was stark white and a cut above his eyebrow was leaking blood that was trailing down his face. His eyes were open however, and he attempted to give me a weak smile. His next words made my heart stop. "I can't feel my legs."