I use to think that hearts could only beat
As they pumped soulless blood
That they were just noisy organs in our bodies
Who sounded their 'Thud, thud, thud'

The thuds could quicken
The thuds could slow
The thuds could stop...
Then, once again, go

Always returning to 'Thud, thud, thud'
A faulty metronome
That happened to skip, for just a second
Each time that I came home

Monotonous thuds
Just repeating
Always the same...
Just a heart beating

I wondered if every thud counted
But guessed my body knew best
So I let it continue it's beating-
Limping footsteps in my chest

A beating heart
In a rib-cage cloak
Only a heart...
And then mine broke

The pain was thick, cutting and impossible
But gave me thoughts anew
If a heart can beat and a heart can break
I wonder what else they can do