A/N: Hiiii... I do hope you like my stuff... I have some really bad
emotional problems right now so I'm getting it out through poetry... eh I'm
not to great with that. Please tell if you like!


Have you ever feared something so much
That you were too afraid to have anything to do with it?
I know I have.
I don't sleep.
I don't dream.
I don't think.
Because if I do,
The thing that I fear most will pop inside my head once again.


There's so much that's
Running around in my mind,
And I have no idea what it is.
Confusion is beginning to take over me.
I wish that someone, anyone,
Would be able to help me.
This confusion is way to much for me to handle.
I'm afraid that a cold steel dagger
Will end it all for me.

Letting the Emotions Flow...

Time to let the emotions flow away!
There are funny things to remember
Like the time the bird flew into the sliding glass door!
Or happy times
Like when I talk to my friends.
Or there are the sad times...
Like when those who you know well
Die... and leave...
Then there are also the dark times,
When you think of suicidal,
Because you can't keep it all in anymore.
It's too hard to bottle it up.
So when there are times you have the emotion, anger.
Let it flow.
Just let the emotions flow.


The thing that affects life most
Is death.
You can't stop it.
No matter what.
It's a frightening thing to think about most times.
But it's not as bad as it may seem.
When some die, they go to a happier place.
Others... well...
The story can't always end in happiness.

Hope I didn't freak you guys out! Like I said, emotional problems...
I did so many at once cause wouldnt let me upload.