~*Our Earthly Angels*~
(A Mother's Day Poem, 2003)

Angels dwell in Heaven, 'tis true
But there are earthly angels too
Who guard the hearth, the heart, the home
Who guide lonely hearts who are apt to roam

We call these guardians mothers, indeed
Our precious guides in times of need
How often do we recognise
The toil and tiredness in their eyes?

Not often does she stop to rest
And strive she does to give her best
At times she may a harsh word say
But only to stop one from going astray

O mother dearest, this ode is for you
To thank you for all the things that you do
No pretty words suffice to express
My gratitude, that I must confess
But I hope for you this Mother's Day
For joy and blessings to come your way.