A Lesson to be Learned.

The city of Marbanks was a beautiful place; this fair town was located near Lake Selivan, a few miles from the Mountains of Westvale.
The city was prosperous, and flourished through trade with the many ports and towns, kingdoms and cities. The gates into the city on the East side were carved of pure gold, the gates on the south of diamond, and on the North of ruby, sapphire, and emerald.
Owned by the many religious heads of the city were the numerous, lavish temples, churches, cathedrals, and other places of worship. Daily, a mass of attendees streamed into these buildings to be sanctified by the god, goddess, or other deities of their respective religion.
The city streets were always kept beautiful by the many servants and assistants of the beloved Lady Kalia. The houses were all large and beautiful. The most incredible of the housing areas was by far the north side. The architecture of this area was of gigantic proportions and complex in design. Many flags, flyers, banners, arches, statues, and more hung from rooftops and windowsills. One house, owned years before this time, by a crazy old woman, was embellished with the insignia of the Royal Mage Academy, hand drawn and filled . This alone is an amazing feat, for the many changes in design and shape made it nearly impossible to reproduce.
The streets were lined by small shops, and large shops. Possibly the most famous of all these shops was Donovan's Breads. Donovan had been living in the city for as long as anyone had known, and his shop had been there, name and all, for so much longer, supposedly. Donovan himself was a rather odd man. 'Such a twitchy nature he has!' Old women would gossip about his paranoia, calling it the curse of lycanthrope. Perhaps it was not. Donovan did, however, have a tendency to slack on his duties once or twice a month. Whether the rumors were true or not did not seem to weigh on Donovan's mind in the least.
The main streets were by far the most beautiful of all. The streets were spotless. Nothing besides royalty and nobility touched these streets. It is said that on full moons, Lady Kalia is often seen walking these streets alone, without her guards. Here is where our story begins.
Lady Kalia was taking a stroll through her beautiful city of Marbanks. Her father, King Valcion, had given this city to her to rule. She was thinking about nothing in particular as she was walking. Her stride was small and purposeful, as she had been taught. She walked quite like a queen, as she wished, and planned to be someday.
In her tender, beautiful voice, she gasped "Ahh! Who is there?" For a hand had reached from the streets, and grabbed her gown. The Lady looked down, and saw a scraggly, horrible looking peasant begging at her feet, looking pitiful. Lady Kalia only walked away, ignoring the peasant.
The peasant slowly stood up, on wobbly legs, and said "Lady Kalia, please, I need food for my family! Please?" Lady Kalia turned to face the man, and spoke tenderly. "Peasant, don't waste my time." She slapped him for touching the beautiful silk gown which had been made only this afternoon.
The peasant stood up, and said, quite evilly, "Lady Kalia, you shall pay dearly for that. You have made a fatal mistake. I am surprised you do not recognize me! I am Selinth, the king of the beast mages. For my revenge, I shall curse your entire family line. I shall put a fate so horrible upon you, yet you shant be able to escape." Selinth began to mutter insanely, and then cackled. "Lady Kalia, I bestow upon thy blood, a curse. You shall know all, and hate all living beings with a burning passion. When a living soul passes into your eyes, a fury shall grow to you, and you shall crave murdering them, crave seeing the blood spill onto the floor. This curse is bestowed upon all of your bloodline, if more in your family even come to pass. To break the curse, I shall tell you, because my heart still holds a drop of sympathy for your beautiful face, you must do kindness enough to match all hate felt in your heart."

Selinth cackled again, and ran into the alleyway, disappearing. Lady Kalia spoke, nearly crying. "Why? Why? What did he mean? Why did he do such a terrible thing? I must do something!" A peasant passed her, looking at her with confusion. Lady Kalia lunged towards the peasant, her dagger drawn. Kalia thrust the blade into the peasant's body, and he crumpled to the floor, like a dead deer after a hunt.