Chatpter 3: A Troubled Life.

Lady Kalia sank to her knees and stared at her hands, eyes beginning to swell with tears. Her face was flushed. A million confused, terrified, crazy thoughts were running through her mind. She stood up, and stared at Makio, the archangel. He spoke, quite softly, and calmly. "Little Lady, the curse is in full effect. I shall now help." He turned around, and a blast of light emanated from his body, and he turned back around. His face looked crazed, dangerous, and murderous even. Kalia screamed a scream of pure horror.
The light around Makio grew brighter, revealing now that his robes and tunic had shifted colors, the robes to black, the tunic to white. Makio spoke again, this time in a dark, ominous voice. "Now now, princess, it is all right. It is not wise to do what you are thinking of. Running will only get you killed."
The princess now spoke, her voice choked, and softened by tears. "Who are you, and who did you now what I was thinking? Are you a demon?" The new form of Makio laughed, and said "Demon? , yes I am. My true name is Azariel, and I am the Demon Lord. I am here to recruit you to my forces. The Beast King told me that his part of our deal was completed, so now it is my turn." As Azariel spoke, another blast of light, this time red, emanated from him, and the robes changed color again.
"I am sorry about that, princess. Azariel possessed me, and tried to force me out completely. It shall not happen, though. I am to powerful for that." He smiled, and touched Kalia on her shoulder. Kalia felt happiness move through her body, passing through her limbs, her chest, her stomach, and her lower body. She now smiled, then turned and ran, silently into the streets of her now not so quiet town. ******
Kalia was lying quietly in her room, her dress now changed from the once beautiful, but now bloodstained silk gown, to a new, azure dress. She was replaying the night's events in her mind, when a knock sounded at her door. She carefully stood, and grabbed a dagger off of her bedstand. She opened the door to find a servant standing at the door with luscious looking grapes and wine on a tray. She sighed deeply and asked "Why do you bother me at such a late hour?" The servant looked repentful, as to not anger her master. "My Lady, it is nearly morning. I am bringing your breakfast. Are you not hungry? I can come back later if it would please you so." Kalia dropped the dagger, and slammed the door. She walked angrily back to her bed, and slumped back into it, her heart racing. "I didn't kill her. Maybe I am already overcoming the curse." Another knock sounded, and Kalia screamed in outrage. She ran to the door, and threw it open. The servant was still standing there, her face now pale with fear. "My Lady, you should not leave your dagger outside your door. You are asking for an assassination." The servant bowed deeply, and stood back straight and tall.
Kalia bent to grasp the dagger, and threw it into the room. She then ran into the room, and grabbed it. "Why did I do that?" Kalia thought. She ran at the servant, and knocked her over. She kicked the servant, and then sat next to her, stroking the gasping ladies hair. "Your hair is so beautiful. Maybe I should take it." Kalia cut off a large lock of the servant's hair with her dagger. "There we go. Maybe you won't need you. Yes, I will kill you now." Kalia laughed, and plunged the dagger calmly into the servant's chest. Kalia then turned, and ran into her room, her dress once again stained with the blood of an innocent.
Kalia laid herself onto the bed, and sank into a sleep ravaged with dreams of murder, of death, of plagues, and other horrible phenomenon. When she awoke, however, one dream stuck in her mind. It was a dream involving Makio, her archangel friend. They were both in the palace courtyard. Kalia was telling Makio tales of things that had happened throughout her life, Makio listened silently and intently. When she finished, Makio said only one thing. "Princess, you shall lead a troubled life." At that point, she had awakened from her dream, wondering what Makio had meant.