Naomi Tsukaro (or Nai for short) walked across the school yard, her long dark hair that was pulled up into two pigtails was flowing behind her, and her scary at times but overall beautiful ruby red eyes looking, like always, was looking ahead.

"NAI!" She heard someone calling her and she turned her head slightly to see Rose, her best friend since third grade running after her. Like always, Rose's short red hair, which matched her temper, was pulled up into two braids. "Don't forget the prank we're pulling on the teacher tomorrow!"

Nai smiled back at her friend, "I won't! Now SHUT UP about it!" she called back and continued on home.

She walked into her house. "Hello, brother, dear" she said in an odd and scary tone towards her brother, Sean. Sadly, both their parents died in a car crash, so all they really had was each other.

"What are you planning?" He asked with an evil grin.

"Nothing," She lied feigning an innocent face.

"There's something in your eyes that says you are planning something for tomorrow," He answered knowingly as if he looked into her mind.

"Shall I NOT make dinner for you then?" She bribed with him like she always did to get out of trouble.

Sean smiled towards his younger sister, "My lips are sealed!"

She walked over to start cooking as he fixed the table.

After dinner, they said night to each other and started their own business. Nai sat down and started to work on her homework. When she was done with that, she started getting her plans ready for tomorrow's incident towards a teacher that continuously yelled at the class. When she was done she got her things ready for class and went strait to sleep.

Nai got up from her dreamless sleep and saw that she was sweating. She had no idea why! Everything seemed kind of blurry when she got dressed and went outside to greet her brother. Everything became even more blurry when she stepped into the kitchen. For some reason she just lost her balance when she looked into a fuzzy blur in front of her. Her heart broke when she looked into it, but she didn't know what was going on!

Nai tried to speak, tried to scream for someone to help her, but nothing came out. Not even the tiniest bit of sound. She then felt something cold and damp on her hand. She looked at it and-

Tears were streaming down Nai's cheeks when she woke up. "Good. I guess that was only a dream," she comforted herself and got up to get dressed, "I wonder what it means, if it means anything."

She picked up her things and walked out of her room. She stepped into the kitchen to say a cheerful good morning towards her elder brother when she lost balance and her heart broke. "No," she whispered to herself when she looked ahead at her brother. He was chained to the wall with a sword stabbed into his heart. "No, it was only a dream… Right?" she asked herself.

She couldn't think of anything else. She couldn't even look at anything else. All she could look at was her brother's head which was tilted downward and his eyes wide looking towards the sword. There was blood dripping from the blade, on his hands, and dripping from the left half of his face.

"God, please, I'm begging you, please let this be a dream!" she looked down at her hands which had some blood on it.

He shivered a little bit and pulled his head up barely enough for Nai to see his whole face. He tried his best to smile and said his last words, "I love you." His head dropped and he just gave up.

"No. NO!" She screamed out to the world, "IT'S ONLY A DREAM!" she yelled as if someone were listening, even though she knew for herself the truth:

It wasn't, in fact, It was only beginning.

=End Chapter=