=Chapter 19=

The two travelers left at noon in a rush. After all, they didn't want to participate in any more prayers.

An hour of walking, they found themselves at the foot of the mountain. "Red or blue?" Ryan asked as he turned to look at her.

"Huh?" Nai was a bit confused.

"Do you want to take the red or blue road?" He pointed at the two roads, both going in opposite directions of the mountain.

"Well, what's the difference?"

"The blue road slowly goes up the mountain at like a 34 degree angle. It should take about 5 days to complete. The red road leads up the mountain. It's very steep, so it might take a bit shorter to get to your next battle, but it's a rough climb."

"Red," She answered without hesitation.

When he said rough, he really meant rough. They got tired of the hike within 15 minutes. It was really steep after all. Eventually, they found themselves at a large cliff. "I'm tired," Ryan said, pulling out a water bottle, "Let's rest here."

Nai nodded in agreement. She plopped down in the shade of a tree, "Do you know where my next battle is?"

"Nope," He answered truthfully, "But I do know it's near by. Look at that," he pointed to something at the base of the mountain across.

Nai walked over to see that he was pointing at a large cave. "What about it?"

"There is an item or a person in there. It's different for everyone, so I can't tell you what it is. It will show you where and who your next opponent is," He then casted the spell that summoned the tent, "I'm turning in," He said as he walked in.

That night, Nai decided to look at her locket under the moonlight. It changed in two ways. One, whenever she opened it, it would play her parent's lullaby like a music box would. Second, there were now five different buttons on the side that showed her what she loved the most. The first button showed her a picture of Rosie. The second button showed her a picture of Sean. A picture of her parents came up if she tapped the third button. When she hit the fourth button, Ryan would pop up, and it went blank when she hit the last button.

She listened to her parent's lullaby and walked in to the tent to get some sleep.

"Nai? Nai! Nai wake up already!" Ryan shook her awake in the middle of the night.

Nai woke up from a dreamless sleep. She was sweating when a familiar cold shiver went up her spine. "Next battle?" She asked even though she knew the answer.

He nodded, "Just outside the tent."

Nai pulled her hair up in two messy pigtails. She secured her locket around her neck, and placed one ring on either side of it. Making sure she was all awake, she walked outside, blade in hand.

She saw no one. Nai took more steps around the closed area, until she got to the cave.

"When we part. When we say goodbye," Nai wheeled around to see Ryan walking towards her. A sorrow filled smile was forced onto his face, "Hold your tears, and do not cry." He sang the first verse.

"What kind of a joke is this?" She asked him coldly.

"Meet your next battle. Me," He answered.

"Liar. You joke around a lot, but this one joke is just evil."

Ryan noticed that she didn't want to attack, so casted a weak fire spell her way. The blade magic then kicked in. She ran in, dodging water arrows. When she was close enough for a kill, he grabbed her arm which held the sword. He took his free hand and casted a lightning spell that pushed her away.

'I can't get to close up then,' She thought to herself. An idea popped into her head.

"Attack me," She said, staring him strait in the eye.

Ryan muttered something to himself. A fire dragon erupted from a kind of pendant he was wearing around his neck. She held her sword out in front of her, and it kind of consumed the dragon. It glowed a dark red color as she swung. A golden dragon emitted from the end of it her blade, flying towards Ryan.

He continued to cast different elemental spells on it, like wind, water, fire, and light. Nothing effected it. Everything else went by so quickly, it was hard to understand. First Nai saw a light flash, next there was a scream, and next there was a crater in the ground, where Ryan was standing.

Nai quickly jumped into the crater, "Shielding spell worked, sort of," He smiled weakly, "I'll see you soon. Just forget about this and fight your last battle. Don't let me affect your fight, okay? See you soon." He muttered something- a spell- and his body went limp.

Nai was speechless as she climbed out of the crater. Before her, a purple slide led strait in front of the cave.

Then everything hit her. She knew everything about her next battle. She knew who it was, she knew where it was, she even knew what item was sitting in the cave below her.

She jumped onto the slide, and slid down. Nai quickly ran into the cave and saw it. Her next opponent stared right back at her.

=End Chapter=

Author's Note: The next chapter will be the end of this madness! Yay! It turned out the way I wanted it to: 20 Chapters! YAHOO!