=Chapter 20=

Nai stared at the mirror in front of her and grinned.

"I said I wanted to live with my friends, family, and loved ones," She muttered to herself. She then took her blade and shoved it into the mirror, causing it (the mirror) to shatter all over the floor, "I should've been more clear," she said to herself.

Nai laid down near the edge of the cave. Her locket placed in her right hand, her blade placed in her left. A clicking noise echoed all throughout the cave as she opened her locket and it played the song.

She choked in a sob as the song echoed off the walls, "Why did my life have to end up like this?" She asked herself, silently.

She then took the blade and placed it, so the blade was cutting her. "Happy birthday, Nai." She whispered to herself.

"And here's the birthday girl!" Nai's dad yelled.

"Happy birthday to you!" Nai's mom yelled.

"I came to your birthday party this time," Rosie laughed.

"I didn't get you a birthday present," Sean explained, "Because, you owe me $5.00. Your birthday present was five dollars. I'll take this back. Happy birthday! You aren't in debt!"

"Ooh, la la! Birthday girl didn't get any of her beauty sleep!" Ryan sang loudly.

A group of Nai's family and friends came behind them. She was so happy to see them, she cried tears of joy as she jumped into their arms.

Sun light came into the mouth of the cave. It eventually stopped on something.

Blood surrounded a dark haired, red eyed girl who was stabbed by a sword. Dried tears shimmered on her pale face. A small smile quirked the ends of her lips.

A muffled song played in her hands.

Everyone that would pass by her dead body knew that she was truly happy, wherever she was. Everybody could see, from that small smile, she accepted what happened to her…

She accepted her Destiny.


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