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"Abe! Abe! Abe! Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up! Abe! Abe!" his sister's voice filled his ears. Abe opened his eyes widely at the loud, shrilly voice, blinking. She was pounding his stomach. "It's nearly noon and mum needs help with the guests!" Daphne Orahamm shouted in Abe's ears. He bolted up, throwing Daphne off.

"I'm awake, for the love of God!" Abe bellowed. Daphne smiled and nodded. Youngest of them all, she had the brightest smile.

"Good, 'cause I don't want to have to butcher the pigs." She replied.

"You're intolerable," Abe muttered, collapsing back on the bed. His eyes flung open and he let out a grunt as Daphne jumped up and down on his back.

"Don't go back to sleep!" she shouted.

"You need to lose some weight, dear sister," Abe strained out. Daphne's eyes grew so wide Abe feared they'd pop out of their sockets.

"You're such a cruel monster!" Daphne spat as she jumped down from Abe's back. She stomped out of the room. Abe rolled over and sighed, rubbing his face. He'd never understand women and their weight issues. He forgot today was his brother's wedding. He hated living in such a large family. At least he was never bored.

Abe pulled himself out of bed and climbed into his clothes. He washed up and stood in front of the mirror, buckling this, buttoning that. He straightened out his coat and made sure his sword was in good place. His pistol was secure. Abe grabbed his hat that hung on the chair and placed it on his head. He despised those powdered, flea-infested wigs. If his mother ever made him wear one, he swore he was going to jump off a cliff naked and never return. Of course, that was an exaggeration. If he ever tried such a thing as that, it would break his mother's heart. He was the oldest of 4 brothers; Zachary, Bartholomew, Cody, and Wilbur; and 3 sisters; Beorhtwynn, Yvette, and Daphne. Where would she be without him? It was he who was more of a father to most than just brothers. His own father had passed away several years ago in a sea storm. At least that was what they could think. His father sailed away and never returned.

Abe blew out a snort of laughter as he stared at his reflection in the mirror. His younger brother was getting married before him. How incredibly ridiculous. It was not that he lacked the attention of women. Sometimes he thought he received too much attention from women. It was just that Abe thought women were not for him…yet…but here was Zachary getting married to one of the finest women in all of Virginia. Abe was only two years his senior. Abe was but nine and twenty. Good God, I'm old! He snapped awake when he heard his mother fussing about him. That was never good. Making last adjustments, he left his room.

"The sun has been up ages ago, Abel! Why were you hiding in that bed of yours?" his mother scolded.

"Mum, we need to find a way to make Abe ugly." Yvette grumbled. Their mother, Peg, laughed.

"Now why is that? Don't you want a handsome brother?" Peg asked, busy flouring a cake with sugar.

"Not when all your friends can do is talk and drool over him!" Yvette complained.

"I apologize for being born so flawless," Abe muttered as he scooped up some crème with his finger. His mother laughed but slapped his hand.

"Stop teasing your sister. Go and help Bart with the pigs." Peg scolded.

"I just dressed!" Abe complained, moving to their backyard nonetheless. Yvette was still complaining about Abe.

Beorhtwynn, better known as Berry, was Bart's twin sister. She ran down the stairs closely followed by Daphne. "Ah, the king has finally awakened." Daphne teased with a grin.

"Such blasphemy calling me king," Abe mumbled, shaking his head. Daphne and Berry giggled as they made their way to the kitchens.

"Ah, the husband-to-be!" Abe bellowed, opening up his arms for his brother. Zachary looked up, looking rather sick. "What are you doing here, chopping heads off of pigs?" Abe asked, picking off a nearby axe.

"We're not beheading pigs, Abe," Bart grumbled.

"Right. Tell that to the rolling head over there." Abe said, motioning to the pig's head that had missed the basket. Bart rolled his eyes. Abe patted Zachary on the back. "What's the matter?" Abe asked. Zachary let out a long sigh.

"Just not sure if I really should marry," he breathed out a reply. Abe and Bart laughed.

"Ye can't bail out on ye're wedding day, mate," Abe said. Zach just groaned. His brothers weren't helping at all. Laughing, Abe helped Bart with the pigs and cutting and cleaning the meat.

The food for the reception was ready to cook. Everyone dressed nicely and prepared for the wedding. Abe walked down the stairs, having to change since he got some blood on his previous set of clothes. This time, he dressed in his uniform, as did Bart and Cody. They were all in the Royal Navy. Wilbur, being the youngest male in the family, was left out but he did not mind. He'd rather be a writer than go around shooting and slicing people, and sail on ships. Abe tipped his brow to his sisters. "You all look absolutely…" Abe started…looking thoughtful and searching for the correct adjective. "…absolutely…" the sisters awaited their compliments. "…hold on here, I'm having a blank…" Daphne frowned.

"You're incredibly stupid for someone so old," she spat. Abe feigned a hurt look.

"Daphne! Why, I never would've thought!" Abe breathed out. Wilbur chuckled.

"You make a god-awful actor, Abe. Stick to killing people." Wilbur said, patting his brother's shoulder. Abe frowned, turning to Bart.

"We're just all so nice today to ol' Abe, aren't we?" Abe said. Bart chuckled.

"Come on, we have to hitch the horses if we don't want to be late." Bart said.

"Right," Abe muttered, shaking his head in pity for himself.

Cecile Brenton had to be the richest girl in Virginia. Zachary looked so humble standing beside his wife-to-be. Abe felt sorry for the little guy. Of course, anyone you could possibly imagine was invited. The entire rented court was already full of bustling people. It was even more crowded with the women's large skirts. And of course, Abe couldn't walk a single step without a woman hanging on his arm. "Oh Abe, you look incredibly dashing in your uniform!" "May I have your hat?" "Can I touch your sword?" "You're absolutely wonderful!" "You're so big and strong!" Abe swam through the crowd of skirts, feathers, and plumes and came out gasping for breath. Cody laughed at Abe.

"Mum's lookin' for you," Cody said.

"I swear she's the only woman I'm going to love in my life." Abe breathed out, straightening his coat and hat.

Eleanor Hawkley couldn't understand at all why women went through things such as this. She sucked in her stomach and filled her lungs with as much air as she could as her maids tightened the corset on her. Eleanor held her breath as they pulled and yanked. When they finally tied off the strings and turned for the dress, Eleanor let out her breath but still felt choked. She cursed silently as the dress was pulled over her. She had gotten so used to breeches these days. Trousers were more comfortable, of course. Eleanor couldn't help but to smile as she remembered her little adventures at night when her father was asleep. Of course, the after effects showed on Eleanor's face. From the loss of sleep, dark circles formed under her eyes but her maids did well to cover them. Eleanor's eyes grew wide as the maids carried a large wig towards her. "Heavens no, I'll wear a corset but not a nest on my head that weighs more than I!" Eleanor breathed out.

"My lady, your father demands it of you!" one of her maids pleaded.

"Well, if he demands of me to jump off a cliff, I'm sure I'm expected to do as he pleases!" Eleanor huffed out as the maid set it on her head, tucking away strands of her real hair. Eleanor felt as if she'd tip over with the weight. The maids tied on a large, elaborate hat with blue-dyed plumes. They showed Eleanor to a mirror and Eleanor stared at herself. "I look like an oversized, fat duck." She stated. Her maids stifled their giggles.

"You look beautiful, my lady. Your father will be proud." They said, leading her out the door. I don't care if he's proud of me or not, she thought. Her father was a dirty, cruel man. That was why she had to steal from him.

Eleanor Hawkley was the only daughter of a very rich and successful merchant. But these days, things weren't going so well for old Milton Hawkley. No, not at all. These days, he was being robbed by a lot of pirates that seemed to favor his supplies. He was lucky he knew how to handle his finances. At least he still had a load of money saved up in case his business didn't go very well for a few days, which Eleanor expected would go on for quite a long time, until her father decided to be a fair, good merchant. It infuriated her that he would trade humans as if they were~

"Ah, Eleanor, you look beautiful!" her father's voice cut in. Eleanor forced a smile and clenched her teeth as he kissed her cheek. She knew why he was being so fatherly. The governor was standing right there with his son, Don Fowler. "What do you say to the governor?" her father muttered into her ear as he pulled away. Eleanor widened her smile and curtsied the best she could, choked and strangled down as she was.

"Always a pleasure to see you, Governor Fowler." Eleanor greeted. The governor smiled widely.

"You're as lovely as a blossoming flower! Ah, my son Don," he said, placing a meaty hand on the man. Of course, Eleanor thought, mentally rolling her eyes. Don bowed deeply.

"Your beauty is enchanting, Ms. Hawkley." He greeted. Though Don Fowler was handsome and filthy rich, he was too stuck in the high class life. Eleanor was sure he wouldn't last a single minute if there was but a dirt stain on his breeches. Eleanor merely nodded and bent her knees slightly to decline herself.

"Well, Cecile Brenton is awaiting our arrival! We mustn't disappoint her!" Milton exclaimed.

"Right you are!" Governor Fowler said. "Soon to be Cecile Orahamm," he added.

"Quite a lot they are," Milton thought out loud.

"Imagine, 9 in-laws to deal with!" they laughed out loud. Don offered his arm to Eleanor and she had no choice but to accept it. Pasting on her smile again, which was really beginning to hurt, she accepted and walked out the door towards the carriage.

Don offered his hand as Eleanor stepped out of the carriage. She had to admit the decorations were fascinating. The fountains were beautiful and the flowers were all so lovely. She was led into the courtyard and she smiled as she spotted her distant cousin, Cecile. They were barely related if not related at all. They weren't considered cousins and they only acknowledged each other as cousins because they were both rich. It…spiced up the relationship, more likely the name. Eleanor had to admit Cecile was an incredibly beautiful woman. At age 20, she was astonishing. Eleanor wondered who the lucky man was. She also wondered how Cecile humbled herself to get herself a husband. Merely standing next to Cecile was degrading. "Wine?" Don offered.

"Why, thank you." Eleanor accepted.

"Look, Abe. There's someone you ought to catch the eye of. Look at her! Sauntering around by the Governor like he's her father." Bart exclaimed, pointing. Abe turned halfheartedly. Abe smiled as he spotted the female. She was indeed beautiful, though he couldn't quite tell with that large wig and hat shadowing her face.

"Perhaps she is his daughter," Abe muttered, sipping his wine.

"You and I both know the Governor has a son." Bart said. Abe winced.

"A rotten one at that," Abe replied, remembering his encounter with Don Fowler.

"She looks incredibly beautiful," Daphne breathed out. "I wish I had a dress like that,"

"Who, mistress bird?" Abe joked. Daphne glared at Abe.

"I was speaking of Cecile."

"Ah," Abe replied, nodding. He turned back to the woman he'd called "mistress bird". He smiled as he drank.

Eleanor kept shifting as she watched Cecile walk down the aisle with a tall, handsome looking man beside her. Eleanor smiled, despite her current condition. She only hoped the man didn't make the mistake of marrying her for the wrongs reasons. Cecile could be the devil mistress herself if she was poked the wrong way.

It seemed forever for the ceremony to end. Eleanor felt like her neck was going to snap beneath the weight of the wig. She'd have to endure it for a while longer. There was still dinner at the groom's house. Eleanor groaned as she leaned against a stone column. She felt sick. Taking in deep breaths, she headed back to the carriage.

It did not take long to arrive at the groom's estate. It was rather impressive. It was well kept and fairly large. Of course it was large, she told herself. This was a family of 9 children! What a feat that was! People were already hurrying into the house. Eleanor wasn't too anxious, but she went anyway. She had no choice. She already wished she were back in her trousers, standing on the deck swaying beneath her feet, the spray of the sea on her face…

Eleanor sighed as she fell in line with the other women who were congratulating Cecile. Her husband was somewhere else, receiving his own congratulations. Cecile's face lit up when she saw Eleanor. She hurried forward and took Eleanor's hands. "Eleanor! I didn't see you, but I'm ever so glad you came!" Cecile exclaimed. Eleanor smiled as Cecile kissed both of Eleanor's cheeks. "How are you?" she asked excitedly.

"Absolutely wonderful!" Eleanor lied. She hoped her voice didn't sound too high.

"That's great! Have you met my husband?" Cecile asked. Eleanor shook her head and immediately regretted it as she felt her wig sway with the motion. It made her head hurt.

"Oh, forget her husband! He's already taken! All the men in this family look absolutely delicious!" one of the females squealed.

"The eldest…he's the one you want to go for!" another piped up. Eleanor frowned. Cecile saw it and giggled. She patted Eleanor's hand.

"You still have plenty of time to think of marriage before you become a spinster, Eleanor," Cecile said.

"Oh, thanks, Cecile, I feel so much better now," Eleanor replied sarcastically. Cecile giggled.

"But I really do want to introduce you to my husband and his brothers!" Cecile said, dragging Eleanor.

"No, now, really," Eleanor said, not wanting to go. As they walked towards a large group of men dressed in the Navy uniforms, Don walked up. "Mr. Fowler," Eleanor said with a smile, a genuine one. He smiled back just as brilliantly.

"Why, Mrs. Orahamm! My congratulations!" Don said. Cecile smiled as Don kissed her hand. He turned to Eleanor and her heart sank. Suddenly the idea of meeting Cecile's husband wasn't so bad. "Ms. Hawkley, a word, if you please?" he asked, offering an arm. Cecile grinned and immediately let go of Eleanor's hand. No, I don't please, she grumbled mentally as she took his arm. Cecile walked away but Eleanor knew she was listening. Her husband and her brothers and friends had turned to greet Cecile. Eleanor blushed as she saw that they recognized the Governor's son and were now watching. She looked up at Don and wanted to yell at him.

"Yes?" she questioned all too sweetly. He sighed and looked into her eyes. Eleanor stiffened as he placed both his hands on her shoulders. She frowned slightly. She did not tolerate being touched.

"Eleanor," he started. When had they decided to call each other by their given names? This man was taking too much liberties! "I have loved you ever since I've laid eyes on you." He breathed out. His hands moved down, and so did his eyes. "You've become so beautiful…you are beautiful…so, so beautiful…" his fingers brushed the top curves of her breasts. Hot blood shot up Eleanor's neck and settled into her cheeks. She saw what his hands were about to do. Her eyes grew wide and she pulled her arm back.

"How dare you!" she exclaimed as she brought her hand down in a resounding slap. Everyone who saw gasped and the entire place fell silent. Cecile was staring wide-eyed, her mouth shaped like an "O". Who surely had to be her husband had his brows raised. But Eleanor was too angered to notice. She wrenched away, savoring the look of pain and shock on Don's pretty little face. Eleanor stormed away, her wig nearly falling off.

Ooh, I'm in it now…father will surely disown me. But maybe that wasn't a good thing. Eleanor knew for certain, however, that she could not go gallivanting off as a pirate this night.

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