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Abe was covered with kisses and tears from Daphne. She flung herself on him and wouldn't let him go. "I could not ask for more on y birthday!" she cried out, squeezing him tight.

"Well, if ye keep squeezin' me like that, I won't last long," Abe said through clenched teeth. The rest of the family laughed, including Peg. Wilbur came out of the house with a large smile on his face.

"I heard all the ruckus and I see that my family has failed to inform me of the event." Wilbur stated. Abe grinned widely and Daphne released him.

"Well now, wot have ye been doin' here while I've been gone?" Abe asked, walking towards Wilbur. Wilbur grinned and showed off his ink stained fingers.

"Writing, as usual." Wilbur replied. Abe squeezed Wilbur's arms and laughed.

"Daphne has stronger arms than ye, mate! An' look, yer so pale, spending all that time indoors," Abe exclaimed, hitting Wilbur upside the back of his head. Everyone else laughed as Wilbur scowled and rubbed his head.

"I don't think I like your homecoming as much as the rest," Wilbur muttered.

"Thas only because it means I get t'pick on ye again," Abe replied, grabbing Wilbur in a headlock. "I'm hungry. Let's dine, shall we?"

Eleanor was bored. She'd outrun the men long ago. She'd stolen a few loaves of bread easily and her victory didn't taste so great either. Eleanor sat at the docks, swinging her legs and throwing bits of bread to the seagulls. She got up and took a stroll by the beach, digging her toes into the warm sand. She smiled. It was not the same soft, white sand as the one on the island she was stranded on. Sometimes, when she thought back on it, she would've much preferred to have stayed there. Eleanor looked at the streets and buildings of Virginia. Yes, she would've much preferred the tropical and exotic city of the island than this.

It was past a week now and Eleanor still saw no sign of Jack. She wondered where he was. She wanted to find out soon because she was getting bored. There was nothing to do except drink and steal. Eleanor had no interest of it. Sighing, Eleanor got off the beach and onto the streets. She decided to go visit her home.

Abe yawned loudly and stretched his arms high into the air. He rubbed his eyes and stared dumbly at the floor. It felt weird sleeping on a bed once more…it seemed almost too soft. At least the cots on the ships were hard from the lack of care…but the ones at home were always filled with fresh hay and feathers. Abe got up and washed and changed into his clothes. He got into his uniform and examined himself in the mirror once more. His skin had gotten darker and his hair lighter. He didn't look right in his lieutenant uniform. With a sigh, he put on his hat and walked down the stairs. Daphne greeted him with a hug and a kiss. "Had a good sleep?" she asked.

"I don't like this mushy stuff comin' from ye, Daphne." Abe muttered, brushing her away. Daphne giggled and led Abe into the kitchen. She pulled out a chair for him and Abe sat down, looking up at her warily. "I haven't forgotten where the kitchen is either," Abe said. Daphne laughed and joined Peg with the food.

"She's just happy to see you, Abe. We're all happy to see you. After all, it's been over a good year since the last time you were here." Peg said, placing a plate of steaming bacon on the table. Abe's eyes lit up. Meat. He quickly reached for a piece but Peg slapped his hand away.

"However, it seems you have forgotten how to say your prayers, Abraham." Daphne scolded, placing a bowl of hot potatoes on the table. Abe scowled and sat on his hands, glaring at the bacon.

As soon as everyone else joined the table and said their morning prayers, Abe took a handful of bacon and stuffed them in his mouth. They all laughed as Abe's eyes watered from trying to keep such hot food in his mouth.

After breakfast, Abe went down to the ports with Cody, Bart and Zachary. On their walk, Abe told them the story of what happened. He did not mention, however, the identity of Eleanor to them. They listened intently and Bart was jealous he'd missed such an adventure. "Think of it! Natives! Who would've thought, eh?" Bart exclaimed.

"They're not particularly kind to the male kind," Abe muttered.

"And what happened to the pirate?" Zachary asked. Abe stared over at his brother and stuff his hands in his pocket.

"We turned him in but it seems he's gotten away." Abe replied with a shrug. He broke a piece of grass nearby the road and put it in his mouth.

"But what happened on the island? Did you guys get along?" Cody asked. Abe sighed and looked up at the sky. He nodded slowly.

"He was a good man. A good fighter too. 'Tis a shame he's headed fer the gallows," Abe replied. His heart sank as he suddenly realized it. If they caught Eleanor, they'd hang her, daughter of a powerful merchant or not. She was still charged with piracy…several years of it. Abe closed his eyes and massaged the bridge of his nose. He shouldn't care so much. Damn it, how could he not?!

"Have you seen these wanted posters Don has pasted everywhere?" Bart said with a smirk, snatching one off a tree. Abe peered over. His heart jumped.

"Cecile was in awe at how much that one looked like Eleanor, her cousin. Do you remember her?" Zachary asked. Abe nodded numbly. "I can't believe she ran off on us like that when she was staying with us. I guess charity doesn't sit too well on her shoulders." Zachary added with a shrug. Abe looked away from the posters and moved his gaze to the sea, which was no coming in view in the horizon. Ellie, take care of yerself, y'hear?

Eleanor yawned as she approached the gates to her home. She smiled as she looked up at it. It seemed like it was in perfect order. Was her father still here? Eleanor's smile faded. What did it matter anyway? She wondered who was in charge of the house now. She looked through the windows and saw no sign of life. Her heart jumped and beat faster when she saw Don lurking by inside the house. He'd grown much handsomer, his mustache shaped and a small beard on his chin. I suppose he's taken charge now, now that his father's gone, Eleanor thought, studying him. She sighed. And you'll have no business with him, her conscience snapped back. Eleanor scoffed. If Don wanted this house, he could have it. Her father used it for his evil deeds and she wanted no more to do with it and him. She'd lost everything, though. She had nothing left. That did mean, however, that she had nothing to lose. Biting her lower lip, Eleanor wondered what mischief she could cause that would drive Don mad.

Smiling, Eleanor climbed the fence easily. She landed with a soft thud and looked up at the window. Her eyes grew wide as she saw that Don had spotted her. His eyes were wide as well. He was shouting something and he threw open the windows. "You there! Stop, I say! Stop!" he shouted. The doors burst open and soldiers came running out. Eleanor's eyes grew wide and her heart raced. This was a bad idea. She bolted for the gate and kicked it open. She ran down the street and looked over her shoulder. They were still behind her. Eleanor cried out as she stumbled. Keep your eyes on the street, you idiot! Eleanor recovered and ran on, concentrating on her speed.

Abe put up his arms and held his hands together behind his head. They reached the streets and made their way to their stations. Abe got himself a new sword and his name was renewed in the records. They still wanted him to wear that silly wig but Abe wouldn't hear a word of it. "Everything back to normal," Bart said with a sigh.

"Don't keep your hopes of it, Bart. Look over there." Cody said with a jerk of his chin. Bart, Zachary and Abe turned and saw a group of soldiers chasing someone. Abe's eyes grew wide. It was Eleanor! Only this time, she was disguising herself as Jack. Abe stared aghast. He couldn't believe it. Zachary raised a brow.

"Do you know the fellow they're chasing?" Zachary asked. Abe blinked, taking a while for the question to register. He shook his head firmly.

"No, no I don't," Abe drawled out, his eyes glued on Eleanor.

Eleanor looked up and saw Abe and his brothers ahead. She gulped and wet her dry lips. Was he going to stop her again this time?

"Shall we give a lending hand?" Cody suggested, his hand on the hilt of his sword. Abe saw Don at a distance, racing on his horse after Eleanor.

"No. We'd only hurt Don's ego." Abe muttered.

Eleanor cursed mentally as she heard the hooves of a horse. She could not outrun a horse. A horse raced ahead of her and stopped ahead, forcing Eleanor to skid to a halt. The soldiers followed, all aiming their rifles and swords at her. Eleanor wet her lips and looked up at the figure on the horse, out of breath and gasping for air. Don was staring down at her, his mouth set hard and his eyes cold. He grinned and pulled his reins to calm his horse. Eleanor stared, wondering what was going through in his head. "Eleanor Hawkley, did you really think that you could hide from me? How long were you planning on keeping this childish play up?" Don asked loudly. Eleanor felt a bead of sweat roll down her neck. She wet her lips and looked around, looking for an escape. It was a hopeless attempt. There was nothing she could do. She looked back up at Don. She scowled.

"Bastard," she breathed out.

"Bastard I may be, dear Eleanor, but you are a pirate and charged for piracy. Your life is in my hands, Eleanor, whether you like it or not. I am, after all, the new governor of Virginia." He stated proudly. Eleanor's scowl deepened. He hadn't changed at all while she was gone. Don sighed. "But I shall be merciful to you. Come, Eleanor, come peacefully and we won't hurt you."

"To hell with you!" Eleanor spat. Don's grin grew wider.

"Come quietly, Eleanor, and I just might let you say hello to your fellow friend Jack." Don said. Eleanor's heart stopped cold, the hair on the back of her neck rising. Don had Jack all this time? Eleanor's mouth suddenly went dry. The adrenaline in her body faded and it only left her weary. "That's a good girl. Men, take her but be gentle. She is a lady, after all." Don said. The men lowered the weapons and stepped forth, tying Eleanor's wrists together.

As they turned her around, Eleanor got a glimpse of Abe. Abe was staring, his eyes showing concern. Eleanor smiled. That was enough for her. Her smile seemed to have shocked him. To see him so vulnerable softened her heart once more. I'm hopeless to Abe, aren't I, she thought to herself. Well, it's now or never. She opened her mouth to shout something to Abe, but the soldiers tied her mouth with cloth. Eleanor bit down in anger. I love you, Abe Orahamm, but it looks like you'll never know. I was such a failure in relationships anyhow…it wouldn't have worked no matter how soon I would've told you. Take care, and keep yourself happy. Eleanor managed to smile even with the gag and she was pulled away.

Abe watched, his heart racing. Why wasn't she fighting back? Why wasn't she doing anything?! Why was she being such a fool?! Abe wanted to go and help her but that would only cause trouble for his family. Helpless and useless, Abe watched. He made eye contact with Eleanor and her gaze and her smile threw him off his feet. Ellie, wot are ye doin' to yerself? He stared in wonder as her eyes glittered and glistened with a hint of tears. When his body finally began to obey his thoughts, Eleanor was gone, being pulled along the road. Abe couldn't believe it.

Abe was numb when his station was over and he was headed home with his brothers. Even with pork and chicken on the dinner table, Abe could not bring himself to eat. He should've helped Eleanor. He should've helped her escape. He didn't care about how she treated him on the island. She needed her help. Abe abruptly got up, startling everyone at the dinner table.

"Abe, what is it?" Daphne asked.

"I've got some urgent business to attend to," Abe replied, walking towards the exit of the kitchen. Peg stood up and sighed, clasping her hands together.

"But Abe, I've received a letter from your father today. He is very ill." Peg said softly. Abe froze in the doorway, his heart torn. Closing his eyes and sighing, he leaned his head on the doorway.

Eleanor was led into the house and into her library. There, Jack was tied and gagged. He looked weary and beaten. He looked up and his eyes brightened at the sight of Eleanor. Eleanor wanted to run to Jack but she was still held back. Eleanor watched as Don walked slowly towards Jack. He pulled out his sword and Eleanor stiffened, fearing the worst. Don brought the blade up to Jack's throat and Eleanor cried out, struggling in her ties. Don grinned.

"As I said before, Eleanor, you are a pirate. Your punishment is death by the rope. So is his. But I'm a generous man. In this case, I'll be extra generous. It's quite simply really. I'll make a bargain with you. I am willing to set this man free, free him of all charges. I am also willing to let you free and free you of all charges as well. So, no hanging. But, on one condition. You have to marry me and promise me that you'll be a good little Mrs. Fowler. Is that understood?" Don asked. Eleanor swallowed. She should've expected something like this from Don. She frowned as she saw blood dribble from Jack's neck. Jack gazed into Eleanor's eyes and Eleanor knew he was telling her no. As much as Eleanor despised Don, she had to do this to save Jack. She absolutely had to. It was in no way enough to make up for the entire crew she'd lost two times in her time of captain, but Jack was the only one left. If she failed to save him, all was lost to Eleanor. Tears blinded Eleanor. "Well?" Don prodded.

Eleanor closed her eyes, a tear spilling. She nodded. Don smiled widely. The blade slid across Jack's throat and with a gargled cry, Jack fell dead in his blood. Eleanor's eyes shot wide open and she let out a cry, throwing herself to Jack. The other soldiers, however, held her back. Eleanor kept screaming, tears spilling down her face. Don got up and cleaned his sword. He sheathed it and walked towards Eleanor, cupping her face so that she looked into his eyes. Don smiled.

"That is why a woman can never take a man's role in the world, Eleanor. You soften yourself too much. I was going to kill him whether you said yes or no. It was coming for him. But you did succeed in saving yourself." Don said, letting go of her. He looked at the soldiers that were holding Eleanor back. "Take her up and give her to the maids. Have her cleaned, fed, and well rested. I have invitations to sign."

Abe roared and threw a punch into the wall, making a clean hole. "Why does that bastard have to walk into my life now? Of all the years of my life, why the hell now?!" Abe bellowed. For all he knew, Eleanor might already be dead.

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