American Caste System

I can't find place
Im sick of being a disgrace

I sit around and do nothing
Because I have nothing to do

My goals I make
My goals I break

I give up with out hope
Except the little bit I get from this dope

What is life all about?

Fuck religion
Fuck the pope

That's not life
Its for pussies who need false hope
So they aren't afraid of their demise

Im not afraid to die
Life sucks anyways
That's why I get high

Fuck the governments
Your not succeeding until everyone's lives are better

Think about it
Is helping treating people like shit and telling them what to do good?
Who are they to decide right from wrong
"you can't kill or smoke a bong"

Its such a fucking scam
Its disgusting it reminds me of spam

Stupid shits
People take advantage of them
And they take advantage of honest people

Fuck being famous
Fuck money

That's what makes up an American caste system

I'd say fuck it all away
But to many sick fucked up people are alive today

So just breed
And by the shit you probably won't need
See ya later fucking Pocket Change I mean Ma'am

What ever fuck this shit
Why try to fit in life is boring and it sucks
And its just one big predictable race
Where your judged by money and face

And in the end of your not so free
Very Restricted life
You end up where everyone does