The Missed Chance

The young girl sat at the party. Her friends had asked her to dance, but she flatly refused. She hated dancing. Only because she 'couldn't do it properly', she said as an excuse. So she sat at her table all alone. A young man across the room was sitting at his table alone as well. She flashed him a small smile. She knew him. Brendan. He was an great friend, though she ignored the fact. The first thing he did was forget her name though. He could remember it now. She looked to the people dancing in between them. The guy she had a crush on was in the middle swaying with the rest. She looked around him. The snobbiest and fakest girl was with him.
Lynn shuttered internally. She was so fake and mean. How could he like her? Maybe he didn't see it. Yeah, that had to be it, Lynn reasoned with herself. She made all the exceptions in the world for Todd. He was the cutest guy... ever. Even if he couldn't remember her name and ignored her. Lynn would make excuse for him after excuse. He was a few years older than her, but she didn't care. He probably did, but she covered it up with her little excuses.
Brendan on the other hand, forgot her name once. Bought her presents when he saw something that she would like. They talked often and spent countless hours sitting on each others beds, talking about their lifes problems. They could have been best friends if Lynn wasn't so wrapped up in Todd. She loved him, but the only thing he'd really said to her is, 'I like your dads hat,' when him and his friends picked her up to go to a party, because her friends said that they couldn't and they'd get their boyfriends to pick her up. But Lynn didn't care. She watched Todd like she owned him. Her friend, Sylvia, caught her eye. She walked over.
"Hey Lynn, having fun all alone?"
"Oh yeah," Lynn said dryly. She smiled at Sylvia. "I can see you are."
"Yeah, but you could to. None of us are really good dancers, we just go with the flow and have fun."
"I know, but HE's with HER."
"Who cares?!" Everyone's with everyone on the dance floor."
Lynn thought about that for a second. She stood up and followed her friend onto the dance floor. She started to dance, but felt awkward.
"Lighten up!" Sylvia yelled into her ear. She could barely hear her the music was so loud. She sighed and tried to relax. She was still uncomfortable dancing around so many people. She spotted Todd a few people away. She slowly made her way closer to him. The smell of smoke closed all around her. Lynn sniffled to keep from sneezing. Gross! she thought. Suddenly the song changed. It was a slow song. Todd stood with the fake girl. Lynn cringed. She turned and walked out of the group of swaying people. She came out on the opposite side of her table. Brendan smiled and pulled out a seat beside him. She smiled and sat down beside him.
"How's it goin'?" he asked softly.
"OK... I hate dancing though."
"Yeah... I guess you gotta be dancing with the right person."
Lynn nodded looked at Todd. He was all she wanted. She looked to Brendan he was watching her.
"I'm gonna go get some air. I'll be back."
With that she turned and walked away. She headed for the door. She slipped out unnoticed. She sat on the stairs leading down into the parking lot. She breathed in the fresh air. It felt so good. Good for her mind, and for her ears. It was so loud in the small room. Stars twinkled above her and she sighed contentedly.
She looked down at her blue dress and smoothed it out on her thighs and straightened out the top. Someone came out of the door. Lynn looked back to see who it was. It was Todd. She gasped. He came down and leaned against the other side of the stairwell.
"Hey Rebecca," he said softly.
"Uh, my name's Lynn."
"Oh yeah, I knew that."
She smiled happily. A normal girl would be put off by his forgetting her name. Lynn didn't care. He was talking to her! He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes.
"Want one?"
"No, thanks," Lynn said cringing. She thought smoking was a disgusting habit. It was the grossest thing a person could do. Well, not grossest, but really bad. Todd lit up and puffed on it. Lynn sniffed the smoke and almost threw up. But she stayed until he had finished the cigarette just to be with him. He left without a word. He went back into the party to dance with the snobby girl. Lynn looked down sadly, and retreated back into the party room. She sat down with Brendan again.
"Uh, you smell like smoke!" Brendan said leaning away from her.
"Oh yeah, there were some people smoking out there."
"I thought you went for some fresh air."
"I got it."
"Ah, I see." He immediately knew what had happened. He looked down sadly. She wanted Todd and Brendan wanted her. He liked her so much, but she was too caught up in her crush. He even smoked near her, a thing she hated, and she still liked him. Brendan shook his head and looked to her.
"I'm gonna go. I don't know why I even came."
"OK, see ya later." Lynn watched him go. Brendan did know why he came though. He always came with his friends because he knew Lynn would be there. He never danced and neither did she. He would dance with her any day though. They only person she would dance with was Todd. Brendan left, saddened.
Lynn sat in her chair alone again. He friend Sylvia came up to her again.
"Why do you have to hurt him all the time?" she asked. She was his sister. She always knew how he was feeling just to look at him.
"I didn't! He just said he was going home and he did."
"But he looked sad."
Lynn shook her head. "He was probably just tired."
"Lynn, he loves you! If you weren't so blind maybe you could see that!" Sylvia yelled stomping away. Lynn was taken aback. She had no idea. All the gifts, all the nice phone calls, all the time spent with each other. She had never felt that way for him. Suddenly her heart ached. She had been so cruel to him. She jumped up and ran outside. She ran down the stairs almost tripping on her three inch high heels. She sped out into the parking lot. Brendan sat in his car idling. She ran up to it just when he put it in drive.
"I'm sorry Brendan, I've been so cruel," she said to him through the open window. He looked at her, then looked down saddened.
"I'll see you later, Lynn," he said pulling away. Lynn watched him pull away and out of the parking lot and down the road to where he lived. She looked down and tears splashed down her cheeks. She had been so cruel and now, he didn't feel the same. She had missed her chance for a happy ending.

I have no clue why I wrote this... I guess I just needed to get it out of my system. I know it's sad. I guess that's the way I feel right now... whatever. r/r please. I'll love you forever if you do.