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Dreams are something that shouldn't be tampered with.

What if you hear the footsteps and voices around you?

What if you feel the flames of the burning fire?

After all its only a dream right, but what if it's not.

What if it's real and there's nothing you can do about it... Then what.

What if you can't change your dreams?

What if they change you?

Then what will you do?

After all dreams are supposed to choose your destiny.

Confused, alone you wonder what if you didn't let your dreams change you.

What if you choose your dream and you choose your destiny?

What if you didn't have the heart to dream?

What if your dreams changed you life?

What if you could never wake up from your dreams?

Dreams are just there to comfort the lonely and depresses.

If dreams are only there to comfort people then why do I dream?

I am neither lonely nor depressed. I am just free-spirited and alive.

I guess dreams are there for everyone to have something to hold or hope on.

Just what would the world be without dreams?

Just what if.

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