Razors and Dying Roses

Rating : R (perhaps it's not strong enough)

Contains : Language, incest, abuse, slash, and other... offensive things. (In later chapters)

This chapter is relatively short, but the next one will be up soon.



We shared a bedroom. I wish I could just blame everything that happened on that.

He was my dad's other son. My parents split up when I was two, and I lived with my mother. Mathieu was six, and he stayed with my dad.

I always sensed some animosity between my mother and Matt. I never understood it. For as long as I could remember, he mesmerized me.

I saw him every other weekend, when I visited my father. I adored him. He played in a band, had a girlfriend, and rode BMX. He had a grey S&M Sabbath (1). He helped my pick out my first 'real' bike, a red FBM Angel of Death. It was the coolest thing. He was the coolest thing.

When I was eleven, Matt came out and told the family he was gay. He was dating his best friend, Aki. It had caught me entirely off-guard, my brother, who I admired and looked up to, was gay. I didn't know what to think.

Of course, this just gave my mom another reason to hate Matt. She said he was a bad influence, and tried to get the visitations stopped with my dad. The case was dismissed, but the whole thing just made me hate her.

I continued to visit my dad and Matt on weekends. After I would get back, my mom made me tell her everything that happened. I couldn't stand it. Why did she have to intrude in my life?

Six months after she tried to get the visitations stopped, she died in a car accident. I was in shock. My mother's parents sought custody, so I was with them for a few months. My dad fought it, and he won the case. So, I went to move in with him.

Everything went downhill from there, for the both of us.


1 My dream bike... heh.