Taryn Webber sat on her bed, in her medium-sized bedroom, staring off, looking dazed and listening to some local punk rock band blaring from her speakers. She was wearing a rainbow striped t-shirt, ripped blue jeans, black nail polish, black eyeliner, and black Chuck Taylor sneakers. Though she was dressed for a nice night out, and it was a Friday night, she still had nothing to do: no one to talk to. Taryn heard a loud bang from downstairs, and assumed that it was her mother in the kitchen, cooking. She probably dropped a pot. I better help her, Taryn thought, getting up. Taryn made her way down the stairs and into her foyer quickly, her long, silky, straight black hair that fell to the middle of her back flapping quickly behind her, swinging back and forth.

"Mom?" Taryn called out. No answer came, until her mother came trudging out of the bathroom and into the kitchen again, where Taryn learned that the loud bang had not come from the kitchen, but from the basement where usually Taryn and her mother were forbidden to walk. But Taryn could tell that her father, being (sometimes) an immature prat, he would insist over dinner that they had been inconsiderate to not help him, though they were not allowed in the 'laboratory'. Taryn pulled open the basement's door, ignoring her mother's whispers of protest, and walked carefully down the stairs.

"Need help, dad?" Taryn asked. Her father looked up, and acted as though there had never been a forbidden title on the basement laboratory, smiling.

"Yes. I dropped a gallon of the new potion I've been making." Her father said mystically, pouring one test tube's liquids into another's. The two liquids mixed, making a weird maroon color. The liquids buzzed, and threatened to explode, so her father capped the test tube quickly and spun around to face Taryn, revealing a white lab coat that was only buttoned on the middle button. Taryn had always thought that her father was a 5-years-younger Richard Gere. At least, that was his appearance. His hair wasn't quite as white, but more pepper than salt. "Could you grab that broom over there and sweep up that potion I spilled? Oh, and watch the glass," Her father said, eyeing a large shard on the floor. With that, he turned back to his test tube mixing, as Taryn took the broom and swept up.

When she was finished, her father asked her to come over, and watch him prepare a new potion, and to help him. Taryn joined in, mixing different concoctions and testing them out on tiny snails that her father kept so he could use them as animal experiments. Taryn had originally thought it was mean, but the snails seemed to like it. Her father gave them tons of chances to run away, but they never did, they crawled right back.

"Hey, dad?" Taryn asked. Her father looked up.

"-Yes, poppit?" Her father said.

"Do you think that I could ever try one of these cool potions? I mean, none of them are poisons; they're all things that improve, and give special powers. You can let me test one that the snails have already proved are okay, and," Taryn was interrupted by her father.

"No, poppit. I'm afraid that's quite a dangerous and risky thing to do, and especially if it's just for fun. Even if it works on a snail, it doesn't necessarily mean that it will work on a human being; as your DNA is much more complex than a snail's, because you have more intelligent thoughts and complicated feelings." Her father said.

"But dad, it'd be so cool, and,"

"Since when have you worried about being cool? Honestly, I don't think it's a good idea to make you one of my experiments! My very own daughter…it really truly scares me that you'd consider such a dangerous thing!" Her father said, "-Promise me, Taryn, promise me that you will not sneak down here, in the middle of the night, and try one of my potions. It can result in seriously dangerous things; possibly even explode your insides, causing internal bleeding; and possibly even death."

"Alright, alright, dad!" Taryn said, annoyed that he suspected she would do such a stupid and risky thing. "-Honestly, I'm not that thick!" Taryn said, clearly annoyed. She shook her head, as if shaking away her temper and replaced that last statement with, "-I wouldn't do that, dad. Seriously." Her father nodded and went back to his work. Taryn decided to run upstairs and help her mother cook dinner, and possibly dessert.

When Taryn closed the basement door behind her, she spotted her 13-year-old brother running down the stairs in the foyer of their house. Ethan Alex (everyone called him either Ethan, Alex, or EA; for his first and middle names) was heading for the kitchen as well, and to possibly say hello to Taryn and his mother. Ethan Alex had probably just arrived home, because Taryn knew that he had had a haircut appointment.

"Nice hair, EA." Taryn said, ruffling his bleach-blonde and tiny spikes in his hair. Ethan smiled and looked up, saying hello to his older sister, by 2 years. "-So, how'd it go? Did that crazy guy who cut your hair actually listen to you this time, or are you just happy with his crazy creation?"

"A little bit of both," EA admitted. "-I asked for something spiky and crazy, and I told him that if he wanted to, he could bleach it and he decided he wanted to do that. He said I can come back on Friday and he might have some time to replace the blonde color with some blue." EA added, smiling hugely. "I'm definitely going back then, so I'll be home about the same time."

Taryn glanced at the clock. It was 5:30; and just about time for dinner. "Hey, mum, what are we having for dessert?" Taryn asked, pulling out a chair and sitting down in it at the kitchen table in the center of the room, right next to the island where her mother was cutting zucchini. Her mother shrugged, meaning that it was open for suggestions.

"Hey, can we go out for ice cream?" EA asked, sitting down in his own chair. "Either that, or me and Taryn can run to the store and buy brownie mix!" EA said excitedly.

"I've been thinking about cutting down the huge desserts after dinner, or maybe only having them on one night, guys, because soon it's going to make you guys fat and unhealthy. Maybe we should just eat 3 cookies after dinner, and leave it at that: not stuff ourselves with brownies and cake every night. On Friday nights, or Saturday or Sunday or something, we could have something bigger." Their mom said.

"Aww, but mom!" EA said, trying to protest.

"No buts! I have made my decision." Their mother said simply.

After dinner, Taryn ran back up to her room and changed the music in her stereo from the punk rock she had on, to ballet-dancing music. Taryn quickly put on her leotard and Pointe ballet shoes, and scuttled across the floor into first position. Then second position. Third, and so on… Taryn began to spin across the floor elegantly, just like Madame Delacour had instructed. Madame Delacour was a private ballet teacher that the Webbers had hired to teach their daughter ballet. They would have sent Taryn to a class, but they heard that often that was where girls' self esteems dropped, and most of the ballet dancers became anorexics. Hearing this, mother Webber had turned away at the offer of a class. And so, Taryn practiced hard: not one to let her parent's money go to waste.

After Taryn practiced that night, she switched off her light, and got into bed after putting on her pajama outfit, which was simply a long black t-shirt. Taryn turned over on her side, facing her nightstand, with the lamp on it. She stared at the digital clock, showing red digitalized letters that read, "10:00". Taryn was allowed to stay up later, but usually she didn't because there was generally nothing to do. Her parents went to bed early, and this was just about the time that EA stopped walking out of his room and sat on his bed, playing video games. Taryn stared at the clock for a couple more minutes, thinking about random subjects when it stopped on her father's potion.

Wouldn't it be the most amazing thing if I got the powers that his super-snails have? The ability to fly when you put your mind to it? The ability to shoot fire from finger tips, or where they would be if snails had finger tips? All amazing powers that I want. But how do I get them without breaking my father's trust and having him be disappointed in me forever? Wait, no! No! I will not start thinking about getting that potion. This is stupid. Special powers? What the hell do I need those for, I have a fine life, and it's not worth it to put my life on the line, it's not like I am dying of curiosity. Well, correction, now I am.