Goals are really important
It helps us be what we are.
There are many opportunities out there.
Chances that can take us far.
Don't aim for 2nd best.
So what's best for you?
If you don't know what's best.
Then go find a clue!
Maybe you've missed it
maybe it just hasn't yet come!
When you find it-go for it!
Don't let it slip through
-work hard.
It may all seem so new
But if it's truly best then it's worth it!
Knowing what's best isn't at all easy.
Knowin' and thinkin' are 2 different things.
Thinking what's best is just so breezy.
But still-
Thinking is great,
But knowing is better.
Aim for the ultimate best,
Or it just may be too late.

::After the too late part please keep in mind that there are usually second
tell me what u think!::Thankies!::