Music of your soul and heart plays deep inside me. Raging like a fire forever more. The music has never died out. My heart leaps for joy every time it sees you, every time is senses you, every time it hears that music, louder than the moment before. But in you world you somehow went wrong. You slipped into their world. A world of prostitution where, money means everything and your pride and dignity mean nothing to any of them. As a child, I formed my stereotypes against them. I ran away from your world, of what I thought was wrong. But in running away from the stereotypes, all I really did was form my own. And that's when I met you. Our worlds collided for the galactic show, the likes of which were never seen before. As our, hearts joined as one and our souls collided, I thought this would last forever. But now, your music fades. My fire is gone... drenched by the love I thought had once been there. Drenched by your mistakes, and never to be lit again. My music has faded, and your time with me has ended. This galaxy has burned out... just like your place...deep in my heart.