The Balled of Thunrk & Markkin

There once was a Lord,
With skin palest faire,
Not a Lord over Sect,
For normal beings he did scare,
But a Lord of the Dragons,
Greatest foes and companions true,
A Lord over beasts,
Never held by me or you.

Now this Lord, once a lad,
Whose name was Thunrk of Nomterasy,
And his beast, Burm the Green Dragon,
Walking in the woods, a girl they did see.

A girl like him, with Dragon Silver pale,
And she told them of a Continent far, far away,
Where the Wild Dragons roamed,
And never humans had strayed,
A land to be ruled by a born Lord & Lady,
A land to be ruled by a born Leader who,
By the words of Thundaren,
Was meant to be the lad who now stood before you.

And thus she fell asleep,
Awaking later time,
And after recalled nothing,
Of either what she said or him thine,
So they traveled away,
Him saying goodbye,
To his family and previous life,
For the girl and her Dragon who had captured his mind.

They traveled many years,
In search of the Elements Four,
Who would hand them the clues needed by them,
Before the beginning of the War,
For indeed a War was brewing,
Between the Beastless and the Blessed,
But they still had time to spare,
And time to progress.

Six long years they did search,
And after toil gained,
The secrets needed to find their land,
And a knowledge that remained.
But a new thing was growing,
Between the Lad and the Girl,
Both now aged of Seventeen,
And her Dragon preformed her first Whirl.

Her Dragon Frillm's time had come,
For her first Rutt,
And both young dragonblessed,
Found a passion hot.

And love flourished between them,
As they found their way at last,
To the land that they had been seeking,
For the first time and the last.

And there they lived afterwards,
Immortal made by Godren's choice,
And for another ninety and eight years,
They waited and gathered their voice.

For as a poem writ by the Lord and Lady,
Was spread across the Sects,
By his mate Markkin dear,
To all the dragonblessed as tests,
And each two years,
Two new Dragons and Warriors came,
Each with his or her mate,
To swear allegiance and remain.

And finally when all other ninety and eight were assembled,
After one hundred and four years,
The hatred between the Beastless and the Blessed,
Came down around their ears.

The War had come after many long decades,
And the dragonblessed offered ride,
With the Sects they were born in,
And fought along their side.

And so the years wore on,
And after the first Beast War,
In ages afterwards two more followed,
Each bloodier than before.

And in the second one,
After centuries of watch and wait,
Thunrk finally met his end,
In combat with his mate.

The Dragonblessed Clan was left leaderless,
But certainly not weak,
There numbers replenished from the losses of War,
As they waited for the new Lord to come and seek,
And after a few centuries of patience,
That Lord did reemerge in time,
Almost stronger than his predecessor,
And descended from the Godren line.

That Lord, Thunaran,
And his beast, Thurith the Green,
Plus his Mate Meikan,
And her beast, Meith of Silver sheen,
Were considered quite skeptically,
By the old dragonblessed,
For Thunaran's constant happiness,
And Meikan's tiny frame and huge shyness.

But when he beat all of them in combat,
And Meikan outwitted and outmagiced them all,
They were proved to be entirely wrong,
And pledged their loyalty through their rises and falls.

And when the Third War came,
They rode to battle once again,
To fight beside their native kind,
And against the No-Beasts finally win,
Not just a current battle,
But for the rest of their times,
And the Dragon Lord went to fight his brother,
And all his heinous crimes.

This is the Balled to Thunrk and Markkin,
Their Dragons Burm and Frillm,
The Second Lords Thunaran and Meikan,
And their Dragons Thurith and Meith.

The ode to all The Dragonblessed.