I'll tell you what I tell everyone else. I have seen Hell, I know it's fire, but I do not know God. Begrudgeingly I'll admit that the closest thing to God that I've ever seen is us. Who knows...perhaps we are Gods. Perhaps it was the thing that is niether life nor death that created both. We -did- watch your race take millenium to evolve out of pond scum, and chuckled as you climbed your way stupidly up onto the shore, where then we fed upon you. Even if this is so, if we are God, what difference would it make? We're still royaly screwed, are we not? For as much as we are acused of hating and shunning our 'creation' I can honestly say you do no better. You run about with not but your own special brand of hatrid and fear for creatures without soul and without death. You would long ceaselessly for our destruction, which would be the irony of vampirism wouldn't it?