all the days

of the living

never match the days

of the dead

if you knew that

i doubt you would care

as your teasing

cries of laughter

haunt me through

the hallways

i wrestle with you

try to get you off my back

but you keep coming

like ghosts of depleted

self confidence

what could I do to make you stop?

stop being intriguing

is your answer

a book wrenches from my hand

i gasp

your laughter flows through me now

i don't care anymore.

what are you reading

you ask

my answer

is a book

you laugh harder now

i blush furiously

please stop

i whisper

but your laughter keeps coming

finally i walk away blushing furiously

while your minions follow me

i smile

for only i know the secret

of your lives

i dont care anymore if no one knows

all i care about is ending the pain

so i do that

in the middle of the crowd of laughing popularity

and no one tries to stop me