Colors of Death
By Tara Nicole Walker

Black is the color of the Orator
Ruling me with a bitter iron fist
Red is the color of my blood
Spilling freely from my broken and bleeding heart
White are the crystallized rays of the sun
Cascading over my naked, broken body
Black shadows are the birds that circle overhead
Flowing in the aftermath of the Grim Reaper's stench
Lonely does the wind blow
Colorless dead leaves scatter 'round with an unnerving sound
Dried roes petals dark as blood
Stay heavily in place as if filled with lead
Transparent shadows twist lazily around
Mimicking the lonely turns of a dying fan high above
Dusty gray are the walls and cold, hard floor
Spattered here and there by scarlet drops of dried blood
Glassy blue eyes stare hollowly upward
Frozen cold while they rest in death's frosted palm
Pale lips forever parted in an unknown plea
Bits of fuzzy dust dance methodically in the sun's few rays
Until the sun sets at long last
And leaves death at hollow peace.