In the beginning, there was chaos.

Shortly after the beginning, there was still chaos.

And then, after that, there was some more chaos, on top of the chaos that was there already, so the result was a big chaos sandwich, with all the fixings. By this point, you're probably wondering exactly what chaos means here, and let me tell you, this chaos is a lot more chaotic than just little bits of elements flying about and bumping into one another without excusing themselves. This chaos means business.

But eventually the chaos broke down, not because of the intervention of some super-organized, creative, and enterprising young god, but because every system inevitably crashes, even the ones that are mostly made of crash.

Still, there were a few gods here and there. They show up in every creation story, like ants at a picnic, always trying to carry away the good parts. But the truth is that, in this world, they didn't have much to do with the formation of planets, the arrangement of continents, or the coalescing of compounds in the development of living organisms. They only really started paying attention when humans showed up, because that's when the story of the world started to get really interesting.

In general, for most matters, they backed up the humans, because everyone likes to root for the little guy. But in every group of sentient beings there's someone who likes to cause trouble, stir up the scene, throw Paris the apple…

One of them always wants the chaos back.

Such a one was Hnowias, the Lesser God of Luck.

He didn't have the apple, but he had the basic idea…