Repeating Forever?

Hurt, oh it hurts so much

So she rumbles, her biggest yet

Horrifying cracks

Shifts Planet Earth

She feels a little better


Suddenly gray smoke

Arise into her breathing

Contaminating her lungs

Making them into a darker color

Darker than black

Cancer, she have cancer?

Coughs, she coughs hard, and harder

Each cough's a tornado

Each cough's a hurricane

They reach land

And they sail over the waters

All the screams of people

Mother hears and she's sorry

But she can't take no more

So sorry tears fills her eyes

And they spill down

Sobs, she sobs, harder

And soon she cannot stop

They, the hot, cold rain

Ice down, burn down

From the sky

She's dying, she's dying

Her blood explodes

From the ground

Her flesh sprouting

Out from the deep rich soil

Screams, piercing cries

Files into the air

Sorry, so sorry, more tears

She cries harder

I'm so, so sorry

The so less amount of tree left

Unplugs from the soil

And thrashes against a tall building

Tornado, Hurricane, wind together

Forces massive amount of water

Onto land

Rain uncontrollably coming down

Adds on, adds on

That day

Mother nature couldn't hold

It any longer

She slipped

And it blasted out

When the violence finally ceased

The whole place became deserted

When Mr. Sun heard this news

He sadly told Earth he is to be banished now

Banished all the way down taking Pluto's place

Pluto happily takes Mercury's and the planets move down

Oh, oh, oh, she's last in line again

Cold again

Freezing again

No sun again

This is the torture

Torture Pluto had gotten

Now it is Earth's turn

Her happy days has ended


On the way down to Pluto

Mother was dropped down at Mars

Where little traces

Of life still exist

Mother nature sighed

She was back on Planet Mars

The Planet humans first existed on

The Planet humans

Was first made

To be banished

History is Repeating...