Authors Note : This is a bitter, angry, hate filled poem I have just written.
I have never before written something so depressing.
Now when you read this just know that i dont need someone
to explain to me that i was wrong or that God loves us all.
I know why i wrote this. I know what this poems means to me.
I'll stop now so that you can go ahead and read it for yourselves.

~ Never Enough ~

My faith isnt strong enough
My love isnt deep enough
My soul isnt pure enough
My life isnt - enough

For how must i live knowing everything i do isnt enough
I might stummble and fall over myself
Agian and again
Look around and see others who are older then me
Always stummbling and falling
Again and again
And when death finally takes them
what have they done thats enough?
What have they proven in the lives they lived?
Absolutly nothing...

Nothing that matters enough
Nothing that matters enough
Nothing that matters enough
Nothing that matters enough

I'm completly blind in looking for that simple hope
Hope that everything I do is enough to please God
Do you really think that God is listening to you?
Listening to your pleas and your woes?
Your not important
I'm not important
No one is good enough
And thats why He ingores us
He hates His own creation...

Because He isnt enough