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She wrapped her face in her hands and relaxed on the table. Her heart shivered with despair. All seemed totally pointless. Her main activity in the last few days was a job searching. Her little amount of money was running out and if she didn't pay her rent in the next few days wouldn't be fun at all.

But what had she expected after all? She had no education, qualification or experience. The only work place in her biography was the little travelling theatre that broke up after the surprising death of its owner. Who could suspect that Mr. Fiton had heart disease? He always looked so healthy and enthusiastic. Anyway, the most important was that all the actors and staff lost their secure positions. Most of them went back to their home places. She hadn't heard any news of the few ones who decided to try their luck in New York.

Angel Shane looked up and stared at the gray morning and the city. May be it was just because of her bad mood and hopeless situation but it seemed as if they were laughing sinisterly and mocking at her. And who could blame them? She was simply pathetic with her useless attempts to do something here. All her short life was full of so much loss. Obviously she was meant to fail.

Her mother tried to persuade her that there were too types of people: winners and losers. They were from the second category and nothing could change that. So, what was the point of all this fighting after in the end you'll always be shattered by the fate? The girl had refused to believe in this. One friend once called her "naturally born warrior". She wasn't used to give up that easy and was ready to beat the hell out of everyone for her concepts.

But after a month spent in so much efforts probably the poison of Allison's words had started to affect her. May be the best decision would be just to forget about her silly dreams and to admit it wasn't the same way she had imagined it. To go back to the sleepy little town she was from and to rot there.

It wouldn't happen, anyway, as long as she was keeping her sense! The very thought of that sort of life was so painful that was hurting her heart. "I'd rather die than become like her!" Angel thought with disgust. "It had happened just because she had never wanted to make something of her life! Not in the way I want to!"

The woman's path was a real confirmation of her cynical statement. She had accepted he role of a whore and a drunk and truly enjoyed it. The theory of society was just an excuse for lying in the mud. She had often wondered how was possible her mother to have so little self-respect and dignity. From the moment of her birth Allison was letting everyone smash and use her. A little toy who was escaping the reality. Probably the reason was her broken family: irresponsible father who had been at home so rarely that she couldn't remember his face and a mother prostitute curing her broken heart with solid amounts of alcohol. Yes, her life had never been easy but Angel's childhood was quite similar. Even though they were as different as night and day.

There was one common feature between them: the beauty gave them no good. Allison Smith was using it as a weapon and never realized its negative effect. Born as unwanted child she hoped that setting everyone on fire could compensate the emptiness. At first it had been all because of her wish to feel loved. Or at least that was what she said one evening in her pleasant heaven. Anyway, all they wanted was just a little adventure. And who could blame them? She was Miss Come and Eat Me herself offering her body to the half of the male population. Can you trust that kind of girl?

After she couldn't have the warmth and closeness she was craving for Allison decided to change the quality for quantity. That's why the girl had no clue who the father of her baby was. She used to have new boyfriend every evening. By the time she got pregnant she was only fifteen. May be if someone had noticed the signs the teenager would have an abortion. But when she found out it was too late and there was no choice but to give a breed to another doomed to suffer child.

Angel sighed sadly and stared carefully at her palms. Her hands were soft and elegant, with long finger and unpolished but good-looking nails. She touched the lines of her skin. "Where do you lead me? What is my path?" She laughed at her stupidity but then the thought brightened her mind. Where actually was she going? Her life consisted of only twenty years but they had brought her only confusion. She had no idea what to do and how to complete her aims. Her main force was the sixth sense and her leading motto saying that the intuition could save you in the worst situation.

The young woman was unable to explain her passion for the theatre, which was the only secure thing in the endless storms of nightmares. But that was a fact and as long as she wanted to do it she would stick upon it. The strange electrical emotion on the stage was too strong to be underrated.

Angel took another sip of her tea and frowned. It was already cold. But she didn't want to leave the café that early. Where would she go?

"Why one so beautiful girl looks so sad?"

Lost in her unhappy thoughts she hadn't noticed the man's appearance. He had sat on her table and was grinning. His perfect looking black hair could mislead the people for his age but he was probably about forty or maybe older. The lovely smile revealed his white and straight teeth and his lively bronze eyes with long lashes and made his face very nice. The stranger was wearing casual clothes: T-shirt with the name of some music group she hadn't heard of, blue jeans and decorative hand-made wooden necklace.

No matter how friendly he seemed that man remained unknown and she felt the typical mixture of politeness and hostility burning in her throat.

She just glared at him and hissed:

"None of your business!"

"Hey, what have I done to you?" He asked with comic defensive gesture. "You look so angry as if you are about to kill me."

"Listen what, Mr.," Angel said seriously. "Right now I'm definitely not in the mood for catches, especially with someone who is old enough to be my father. Was I clear? Please, leave me alone!"

"Miss, I think you have misunderstood me." The man didn't seem so cheerful now. "I have no intentions to flirt with you, really. I just saw you here and I thought that you might have problems.

"No way?" She curled her lips distrustingly. "How sweet! I almost believed you!

"Ay, ay, sweetheart, I left you just for few minutes and you are already cheating one me!" Merry sounding voice appeared in their space. It was another man, much younger than the first, at his late twenties or early thirties. He was just as smiling and optimistic as his partner. The blond hair and sparkling blue eyes was making the feeling of shining stronger. He had put his arms around the latter one in quite intimate way.

"Come on, honey, you can't be jealous of one girl! You are the one.

The older grinned seductively and held the boy in his embrace tightly. Then they exchanged a passionate kiss with tongue. The whole scene made Angel blush. She wasn't conservative and didn't mind the homosexual love but as a typical citizen of small town wasn't used to see it every day.

The strangers broke their kiss and the blond laughed in embarrassed way.

"The young lady is right to be mad with you, naughty. We even didn't introduce ourselves to her properly."

"We have time to fix that mistake, love. Nice to meet you!" The brunette turned to the girl with devilish expression. "My name is Darren Graciel and that beauty next to me is Eric Daniels. I hope you aren't too angry now."

"I… I'm very sorry." She blushed and smiled lightly. "I didn't know… It's all because… It seems that every guy thinks you are waiting for someone to catch if you are alone woman in a café…" Her words sounded confused and a bit silly.

"Hey, there is no problem, kid." Eric winked at her. "We know perfectly well how cheeky some men could be. Isn't he a living proof?"

Darren nudged his lover as the latter one sat next to him.

"I guess I can forgive you if you let us know your name."

"Oh, sure. I'm Angel, Angel Shane." She shook the hands of both men. Eric exclaimed.

"Unbelievable! Another angel in the hell!" The three laughed and that released all intense between them.

"I really don't want to leave you, buddies, but I have to go." Eric frowned and got up. See you later, D. It was nice to meet you, Angie. Be careful with him."

"Bye, bye." They waved after him. Then Darren looked at her again and this time there was no glimpse of joke in his eyes. "I really meant what I said. You looked extremely troubled."

"Damn it, was I that obvious?" Angel sighed irritated and closed her eyes. She felt so tired of everything.

"Listen what, dear." He said and touched her hand. "There's nothing shameful in having problems. It's shameful not to try your best to deal with them. But sometimes you need help for this."

"And you are offering it?" She frowned. "I don't want to be a bitch but it's weird. Why do you want to help a perfect stranger?"

"Because you are so nice girl, I can feel it. And also because everyone had had difficult situations. You always need support. Now, Angel, tell me about you. If you want, of course."

"My story is pretty pathetic but if you insist… In the last few years I was doing the job I was ready to do for the rest of my life. I was working in a travelling theatre, I had a lot of friends and in general I was happy. Then it all was ruined. Our boss died and we broke up… And here I am just a month later – a jobless actress who is too late to pay her rent. It's all so pitiful…" She suddenly felt like crying but kept her tears. "During these four years I was at home and now it seems as if everything I cared for has been ripped off."

"I understand." Darren nodded sadly. "It often happens and I know what you mean. I wasn't exactly happy at home but it was a great shock when my parents found out why I lacked of girlfriends and chased me away. It feels as if the world is tumbling down. The best advice I can give you if to leave the ruins and start building a new world. The old one won't come back.

Angel leant on the table and massaged her temples.

"I'm aware of this. But now mostly I need a new job."

When she said that he stared carefully ate her face and kept on examining it for few minutes. That made her nervous and she started wondering what his real intentions were.

"Do you know, Angel, I think we both can help each other."

"I'm not doing any sexual services, thank you!"

"Oh my God, you don't trust me at all. Didn't I make it clear that I don't like girls in that way? I meant that I could find you a job. It won't have much to do with the acting I'm afraid."

"What kind of job?" She frowned.

"Have you ever posed?"


"Well, listen now. My friend Crystal Sky is an artist. She needs as model for her newest project. Actually she's been doing mostly comics and hadn't done actual drawing for years. But that doesn't matters. U think you are very suitable for this."

"I… I don't know. I have no experience in this…" But then another thought occurred her mind. She desperately needed job and now had the chance for getting it. It would be foolish to miss it. "OK, I think I will do that, it can't be difficult. When will I be able to talk to her?"

"I can take you there right now! So, you can be sure I'm serious. Are you coming?" Darren got up and looked at her with expectation.

"This all might be a trick. The whole gay scene and everything he said could be a well-invented lie. He might offer you a job as the one your mother is doing."

The pessimistic part of her mind was whispering sinisterly. "Don't you trust him too easy?"

But Angel didn't hesitate for long time. After all the old Allison had always claimed that all her activities are doomed to fail. So, what was the difference?"

"Take me there, then!" She raised up with smile.

"Aren't you afraid?" He mocked at her as they were going out of the café,

"You won't win if you don't take a risk."